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Indianapolis Sponsors

Sponsorships allow FMCA to provide seminars, entertainment and a host of other programs for convention attendees. If your company is interested in convention sponsorship, please call (800) 543-3622.

Here are the sponsors of FMCA's 87th Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase ...

Super Star Sponsor - FMCA Indianapolis 2012



Alliance Coach
Wildwood, Fla.
Sponsor of the daily newsletter, Internet kiosk, attendee site entrance banners, Earl Thomas Conley and Kayt Jones
Phone: (352) 330-3800
Booth number: 335, 337, 1026, 1045 and Monaco display

Irving, Texas
Sponsor of First-Time Attendee Orientation
Phone: (800) 863-6740
Booth Number: FMCA Connections Area

FMCA Tour Connection Powered by Fantasy RV Tours
Las Vegas, Nev.
Sponsor of The Duttons
Phone: (855) 385-3622
Booth: FMCA Connections Area

Monaco RV LLC
Wakarusa, Ind.
Sponsor of Earl Thomas Conley and Kayt Jones
Phone: (574) 852-7209
Booth Number: 1003-1010, 1021-1025

Five Star Sponsor - FMCA Indianapolis 2012



Adventure Caravans
Livingston, Texas
Sponsor of The Rivoli Review
Phone: (936) 327-3428
Booth Number: 516, 518

Virginia Beach, Va.
Sponsor of the Trams
Phone: 1-877-GEICO-RV

Louisiana Convention & Visitor Bureau/Houma Area Visitor Bureau
Champion Pavilion Banner Sponsor
Phone: (225) 346-1857
Booth Number: 827

Motorhome Specialist
Earl Thomas Conley and Kayt Jones
Phone: (817) 790-7771
Booth Number: Monaco display

Paul Evert's RV Country
Fresno, Calif.
Sponsor of Earl Thomas Conley and Kayt Jones
Phone: (559) 486-1000
Booth: Monaco Display

Rand McNally
Skokie, Ill.
Sponsor of the convention program
Phone: (847) 329-6583
Booth Numbers: 418, 420

Roadmaster, Inc.
Vancouver, Wash.
Sponsor of Coffee & Doughnuts
Phone: (360) 213-0380
Booth Numbers: 434-441

FMCA Four Star Sponsor

ACC Warranty Group
Golf Tournament
Phone: (888) 299-9888
Booth Number: 757, 759, 761 

3 Star Sponsor - FMCA Indianapolis 2012

Coastline Cover Company
Cucamonga, Calif.
Sponsor of the Welcome Bag
Phone: (800) 216-1664,

GMAC Insurance
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Sponsor of the Supplemental Map and Daily Newspaper
Phone: (336) 435-3850 or (513) 255-5282
Booth: FMCA Connection Area

2 Star Sponsor - FMCA Indianapolis 2012

Hale Expo Service
Buffalo, N.Y.
Sponsor of the Exhibitor lounges
Phone: (800) 333-4253

Jayco, Inc. and Entegra Coach
Middlebury, Ind.
Sponsor of the Jayco/Entegra Game Zone
Phone: (800) 825-8403
Booth: 2001-2004, 2013-2016

Miller Insurance Agency
Lake Oswego, Ore.
Sponsor of the Ice Cream Social
Phone: (503) 636-6347
Booth 715

1 Star Sponsor - FMCA Indianapolis 2012



Fleetwood RV, Inc.
Decatur, Ind.
Sponsor of Movie Night
Phone: (800) 648-6582
Booth Number: 1027-1030, 1041-1044

Kiley Mold Company
Fayetteville, Ohio
Sponsor of the Ladies Social
Phone: (513) 875-3223,
Booth Number: 421

Twin Peaks RV Insurance
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Sponsor of Square dancing with Jack Ingle
Phone: (954) 791-5007
Both number: PRVVC

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