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    FMCA's towing guides and related information can shed light on towing a vehicle behind a motorhome.

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Motorhome dinghy towing safety tips

 base plate of the towed vehicle to the tow hitch of the motorhome. The chains should be crossed just under the tow bar coupling. This is done for two reasons:

1. The crossing allows the towed vehicle to turn without stressing the safety chains.
2. If the tow bar detaches at the coupling, the crossed chains will support the coupler and hold the towed vehicle in a straight line behind the motorhome.

More safety tips

  • Have only knowledgeable, qualified personnel install all towing equipment.
  • If towing four wheels down, periodically check and tighten the base plate attaching bolts and other hardware. Use only a factory-designed and -built base plate and matching tow bar.
  • When towing a standard-shift vehicle, take care not to leave the towed vehicle in gear accidentally during towing. By the time the condition is discovered, major transmission damage could have resulted. This also applies to some automatic-transmission vehicles.
  • Because of size and overloading issues, some motorhomes may not be suitable as tow vehicles. (Check your motorhome manufacturer's towing recommendations.)
  • Drive carefully, keeping in mind towing will have an affect on the acceleration, braking and handling of the motorhome. No special license is required to tow a vehicle, but the extra size and weight can make it difficult maneuvering into tight or irregular spaces. Refueling when space is limited can be a challenge.
  • When towing four wheels down, the motorhome should never be backed up unless special towing equipment with that feature is used.
  • To avoid costly repairs, always follow the towing procedures and guidelines exactly as outlined in the owners manuals.

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