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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page will answer common questions about Family Motor Coach membership. If we have not answered one of your questions, please call or e-mail
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for more information.

This page will answer common questions about Family Motor Coach membership. If we have not answered one of your questions, please call or e-mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
for more information.

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I travel each year between a winter and summer home. Can I have two different addresses for delivery of my magazine?

Yes; we maintain a seasonal address file and can send your magazine to your winter or summer address during the months you are staying in a different location. Contact the Membership Department —

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— to arrange this service.

Can I call the national office to obtain a trip routing?

To obtain a trip routing, FMCA members must send a written request via mail or fax directly to FMCA’s trip routing service or submit a request using the online order-entry page at The Web site also has a form that members can download and fill out in order to submit a written request. This form generally appears in each issue of FMC magazine as well. The page number is listed in the Advertising Index under "FMCA Trip Routing Service." Please allow one week for delivery of the routing. If you submit your request online via the order-entry page on, you can request that your trip routing be sent to you via e-mail in the form of a PDF file, or opt to have it sent via postal mail. The service can provide routings for destinations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

I mailed you my dues payment but have not received a new membership card.

A new card is attached to your first statement and is valid upon payment of your dues. You should remove it from the statement and put it in your wallet after you send in your payment. If you have an sign in account and are signed in to the site, you may print a new card . If you do not yet have a sign in account, create a new account , and then print your card.

How can I become a Life member of FMCA?

The Full Lifetime Membership program originally was established to raise funds to purchase the national office building in 1976. The program was then closed by FMCA's Governing Board in accordance with FMCA's Bylaws.

How does FMCA’s pinch-hit driver program work?

The purpose of this program is to assist FMCA members who encounter any type of emergency that prohibits them from driving their coach while away from home. Pinch-hit drivers are listed in the "Stoppin' Spots" section of the January Directory/Member Benefits Guide issue of FMC magazine. Stoppin' Spots participants also will turn up when you search the Member Directory online. Contact the national office for additional information about how to enlist the assistance of a pinch-hit driver or to volunteer to serve in this capacity. Or, download Pinch Hit Driver form.

Does FMCA offer any activities for members’ children?

FMCA's young people are offered the opportunity to have fun participating in organized activities at the association's summer international conventions. There are programs for FMCA's Teen-Age Travelers (TATS), ages 13 to 18; PRE-TEENS, ages 10 to 12; TWEENS, ages 6 to 9; and TOTS, ages 2 to 5.

Where can I find detailed information about FMCA’s member benefits?

View all member benefits at Information regarding member benefits and services also can be found in the Directory/Member Benefits Guide section in the January issue of FMC magazine.

How do I sign up to use FMCA’s Mail Forwarding Service?

You may contact the Mail Forwarding Department at (800) 448-1212 or

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for an enrollment form if you plan to be on the road for two months or longer. At the time of your enrollment you will be asked to establish a postage account with FMCA. Once you are enrolled, your mail will be forwarded to you on a weekly basis via First Class Mail. A $10 monthly handling fee and the cost of the postage necessary to send your mail to you will be deducted from your account.

Mail Forwarding prodedures and form

The guidelines for using the service are also published in the January Directory/Member Benefits Guide issue of FMC magazine.

Is there any kind of insurance available to members traveling outside the U.S.?

Yes, FMCA International Travel Insurance is an optional insurance plan that covers you anywhere in the world (special rates for high-risk countries and hazardous activities).

How does FMCA’s antitheft program work?

“FMCA Protected” decals are available from our Member Services Department for attachment to members’ motorhomes in order to discourage break-ins and motorhome theft. A $2,500 reward will be paid to any individual who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons burglarizing an FMCA member’s motorhome.

Some of my friends are carrying FMCA business cards. Can I get some, too?

FMCA "business" cards are available for family members to use to exchange mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses with people they meet while traveling. Cards are available in two styles: with one home address, or with winter and summer addresses. The cards are reasonably priced as follows: $20 for 200 cards, $25 for 500 cards, and $30 for 1,000 cards. Order business cards online. Or, use the order form that appears bimonthly in FMC magazine. Look for "FMCA Business Cards" in the magazine's Advertising Index.

Which commercial members offer FMCA discounts?

Check the listings in the RV Marketplace, for companies that offer discounts to FMCA members. The RV Marketplace is published in the January and June issues of FMC magazine and is accessible on To receive the discounts, FMCA Family members must present their FMCA membership card at the time of service or purchase.

I need a new set of numbered identification emblems for my coach. How do I order them?

Coach plates with your FMCA membership number can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, Kiley Mold Company. Kiley also sells mounting brackets, numbered identification plates for towed vehicles, and key tags. An order form appears in every issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine. To find the order form, look in the magazine's Advertising Index under "FMCA Plates & Key Tags" or visit Kiley on the Web at

An FMCA membership plate was attached to the motorhome I just bought. When I join FMCA, can I keep that membership number?

No. Membership numbers cannot be transferred from one person to another; the numbers are permanently assigned.

My parents are members of FMCA. Now I have a motorhome, and I was told that I could join FMCA and use their number. Is that correct?

If your parents are already members of FMCA when you sign up, it is possible for you to use their number with an "S" on the end for son, or a "D" for daughter. Similarly, applicants whose son or daughter joined the association before them may obtain a membership using their son's or daughter's number with a "P" on the end for parent. Members' grandchildren may join the association and use the family membership number with the addition of the letter "G" for grandchild.

Are my FMCA membership dues based upon the calendar year?

No. The membership period begins with the month that you join the association.

Will FMCA sell my name to other companies?

Absolutely not! In accordance with FMCA's Constitution, under no circumstances is FMCA's membership list to be used for purposes other than FMCA business. Relative to this issue, on occasion you may receive an announcement about a special offer from a company providing a benefit to FMCA members. These mailings are approved by the Executive Board and are made because the board feels that they constitute a benefit to FMCA members. A confidentiality agreement protects the list against use for any other purpose.

Does FMCA offer any incentives or rewards for recruiting new members?

Yes. FMCA members who recruit new members can save on their membership dues, area rally registration or family reunion registration. Or, they can earn merchandise coupons. FMCA members receive a $10 coupon for each new member they recruit. Coupons may be used by members toward payment of their FMCA membership dues. There is no limit to the number of coupons that can be used toward the dues payment, so the more you recruit, the less you will have to pay for your membership renewal. These coupons also may be redeemed for FMCA logo merchandise, and up $20 may be used toward the registration fee to attend FMCA’s international conventions and area rallies. Details about redeeming the new coupons toward payment of your dues are spelled out on the face of the coupons. Coupons that are earned as a reward for signing up new members are good for two years after they have been awarded.

I’ve heard that my town is considering an ordinance that would restrict RV parking. What should I do?

FMCA has a Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee that supports the common interests of FMCA members on legislative, regulatory and other emerging issues that protect the motorhome lifestyle. This committee has prepared a Parking Rights Manual & Guide that outlines the steps you should take when confronted by restrictive ordinances. To request a copy, contact our Member Services Department.

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