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FMCA is a Consumer Association member of the Michelin Advantage Program. This program is intended to provide competitive prices on Michelin tires at all authorized commercial Michelin tire dealers that handle the Michelin Advantage Program.

Not all Michelin dealers are authorized to handle the Michelin Advantage Program, so please contact dealers in advance to make sure they can administer the Advantage Program.

The Michelin Advantage Program does not guarantee the lowest price, as local dealers may be able to provide local customers with better prices. In today's environment, raw material costs have driven tire prices up recently, and some dealers may have tire inventory purchased before some of these increases, which may allow them to provide even more competitive prices than the Advantage Program provides.

The Michelin Consumer Association Advantage Program brought to you by FMCA will allow members to buy new tires at the program price at any authorized commercial Michelin RV Tire Dealer across the United States. This could come in especially handy when a tire emergency occurs while a member is traveling.

Members should visit www.michelinrvtires.com to locate an authorized Michelin RV tire dealer.

FMCA members will always need to follow the instructions (see link below) provided by FMCA in order for dealers to recognize them as Advantage Program members, including providing their FMCA membership number and expiration date.

Any fees for mounting, balancing, and tire disposal are extra and quoted locally by the servicing dealer, so those fees are not included in the program. 

The customer must also pay the state and local sales taxes that apply in the jurisdiction in which the tires are purchased.

The tire purchase must be paid for with a credit card — VISA, MasterCard or American Express — at the servicing dealership. Michelin’s corporate office will charge the credit card the discounted price. FMCA will then send the member — via e-mail — a copy of the invoice that reflects the total with the Advantage Program tire price.

Currently, the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program is available at authorized commercial Michelin dealers within the United States. The Michelin Advantage Program was originally designed to support trucking customers. FMCA is bringing the opportunity for RV owners to access the benefits of the program.

For Michelin tire questions, visit www.michelinrvtires.com or call Michelin Customer Care at (800) 847-3435. Or, visit an authorized commercial Michelin tire dealer.

>> FMCA Michelin Advantage Program — Instructions on how to purchase tires
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For more information about this program, contact FMCA's Membership department at (800) 543-3622.

To join FMCA, vist the join page or call FMCA at (800) 543-3622.

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