FMCA Rewards Accident Insurance Plan

The FMCA Rewards program provides an accident insurance plan at special group rates for FMCA members. Accidents can and do happen while traveling in motorhomes. The FMCA Rewards plan was created so you can be prepared for these unexpected accidents.

You receive immediate cash payments. These are paid directly to you and your family – not to your physician or hospital. You are covered for Emergency Room, In-Hospital Daily Indemnity, and Accidental Death & Paralysis benefits. All this for less than 50¢ a day! Best of all, your benefits will increase the longer you are a member under the plan. Benefits increase each year up to six years.

Featured Benefits

FMCA Years Accident Insurance plan

Benefits – Paid in addition to any other benefits (group or individual). Benefits increase each year you are under the plan (for up to six years).

Accidental Death – Pays benefits because of an accident causing death (within 365 days of the accident). If the spouse is insured, the beneficiaries will receive 60% of the insured’s benefit provided there are no dependent children. If there are insured dependent children the spouse will receive 50% of the insured's amount. If there are Dependent children they will receive 40% of the insured’s benefit provided there is no spouse. If there is an insured dependent child and no insured spouse the benefit is 20% of the insureds benefit.

In-Hospital Indemnity – If hospitalized – pays a daily amount for each day of hospitalization starting with the 1st day to a max of 365 days. Each insured has this benefit based upon what the member has purchased. Benefits payable weekly.

Emergency Room Benefit – Because of an injury, the insured person is admitted to the emergency room to fix a broken leg, suture a deep cut or tape a broken rib. The plan pays a flat dollar amount based upon the benefit purchased or the Hospital charges whichever is the lesser amount. If Family coverage is purchased, each insured has this benefit. Only one Emergency Room Benefit is payable for any one accident per insured per policy period.

Emergency Room and In-Hospital Benefits do not reduce, as you get older. Accidental Death & Paralysis Benefits reduce to 50% of insured amount at age 80, reducing an additional 10% per year; $1,000 maximum lifetime benefit at age 85.

Maximum Issue Age 80

To enroll in the FMCA Rewards Insurance plan online, visit: FMCA Rewards Enrollment.

Or, for more information, call Global Underwriters at (800) 423-8496 (from Mexico: Call collect at 513-533-1500).

FMCA Rewards is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company. Click here for the provider's Descripton of Insurance Coverage.