Recruitment rewards for signing up new members

FMCA members who recruit new members can save on their membership dues, area rally registration or family reunion registration. Or, they can earn merchandise coupons.

FMCA members receive a $10 coupon for each new member they recruit. Coupons may be used by members toward payment of their FMCA membership dues. There is no limit to the number of coupons that can be used toward the dues payment, so the more you recruit, the less you will have to pay for your membership renewal.

These coupons also may be redeemed for FMCA logo merchandise, and up to $20 may be used toward the registration fee to attend FMCA’s international conventions and area rallies.

Details about redeeming the new coupons toward payment of your dues are spelled out on the face of the coupons. Coupons that are earned as a reward for signing up new members are good for two years after they have been awarded.

Information about "FMCA's Member Recruitment Program" appears in most issues of Family Motor Coaching magazine.

Pins, watches

In addition to the member dues coupon, area rally and family reunion registrations, and merchandise coupon incentives, lapel pins are awarded when members reach certain recruitment levels, and a special FMCA watch is awarded after recruiting 100 members.

Request a free member recruitment tool kit by contacting FMCA’s Membership Department (800-543-3622).

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT DISCLOSURE: FMCA Member Benefits are subject to change, including the discontinuation of any particular benefit, at any time and without prior notice. FMCA assumes no liability for damages, either direct or consequential, to any person or organization as a result of the use of services offered to members. All benefits may not be available in all states and foreign countries.

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