Stoppin' Spots fellowship, local service information

This important travel service is made possible only through the generous-spirited fellowship of FMCA members. Each year, the January directory issue of Family Motor Coaching contains a listing of FMCA members who offer assistance and hospitality to fellow members who are on the road in their areas.

The list also is available in the Member Directory at

These members are listed in the Stoppin’ Spots directory under four categories. Stop Over Spot indicates that fellow members are welcome to stop over at the volunteering member’s home for a 24-hour emergency stay.

Come Visit indicates that FMCA members are welcome to visit the volunteering member’s home for a 24-hour friendship stay, unless invited by the host member to stay longer.

Mechanic’s Helper indicates that if an FMCA member’s coach breaks down along the road in a volunteering member’s area, the volunteering member is available to assist him or her in locating quality local service.

Pinch Hit Driver indicates that any FMCA member who encounters an emergency that in any way prevents him or her from driving his or her coach while on the road may request the assistance of a driver to transport that member’s coach to a chosen destination at the owner’s expense. The Pinch Hit Drivers are FMCA members who have volunteered to perform this emergency service for fellow members who are in need.

Any FMCA member who would like to be included in the 2013 Stoppin’ Spots directory under one or more of the above-listed categories should contact the Member Services Department at the FMCA national office: (800) 543-3622 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The deadline for signing up to be included in the 2013 directory is Oct. 31, 2012.

Pinch Hit Driver Authorization and Release form -- this form also appears in the January Issue of FMC magazine.

The individuals lsited in the Stop Over Spot, Come Visit, Mechanic's Helper, and Pinch Hit Driver compilation have asked that they be included, and any services offered by them are provided by them as individuals and not by the Family Motor Coach Association Inc. Any member or volunteer who offers, provides or accepts the services described above does so at his/her own risk. FMCA makes not representations or warranties whatsoever regarding the services provided or those who may provide or request such services. The association cannot attest to the reliability of any such service and accepts no responsibility.