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FMCA's Campground Connection program can provide participating campgrounds with an additional source of revenue and increase their exposure to motorhome enthusiasts. Learn more about how the Campground Connection benefits campground owners, and enroll in the program today.

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Non-Member Campgrounds
If you are not an FMCA Commercial member, Join FMCA now. While completing the online application, you will have the option to enroll in the Campground Connection. Or, call (800) 543-3622 to join FMCA and enroll.

About the Campground Connectiion

FMCA's Campground Connection program is designed to help motorhoming families save money on campground stays and to provide participating campgrounds with an additional source of revenue.

The FMCA Campground Connection program is a system of FMCA commercial member campgrounds that have agreed to offer FMCA families a discount of at least 10 percent off their campground fees. These FMCA campgrounds also have joined FMCA in its member recruiting efforts and thus are authorized to sell FMCA memberships on the spot to customers who own motorhomes but do not yet belong to the association.

Participating campgrounds receive recruitment materials and signs that designate them as an FMCA Campground Connection. FMCA members can locate campgrounds via a searchable map at, which includes links to each facility’s Web site and lists services and amenities, the amount of discount offered, and contact information.

Campgrounds are required to be an FMCA commercial member in order to participate in the Campground Connection program. A one-year FMCA commercial campground membership costs $57 ($40 for each subsequent year). This membership puts campgrounds in touch with FMCA’s established network of nearly 100,000 motorhoming families.

In addition to the visibility provided by the online map, FMCA member campgrounds receive a free listing in the association’s RV Marketplace, which is published in Family Motor Coaching magazine and is available at

Commercial membership also entitles the campground to a subscription to Family Motor Coaching, including the FMCA Annual Directory/Member Benefits Guide. Other benefits include the opportunity to host rallies planned by FMCA’s nearly 500 chapters; to participate in international and area rallies and other events; and to use the FMCA commercial member logo in advertising and other communications.