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Motorhome Basics | FMCA

Class B motorhome

A Class B motor home, or van conversion, is a motor home converted from a factory van body. The eating, sleeping and bathroom facilities of this motor home are built on the van chassis. The chassis has been modified to withstand the weight of the motor home’s living quarters and storage tanks.

A Class B motor home usually has a raised roof to allow for standing room. Some Class B motor homes have a wide body section added.

Class B motor homes average from 7 to nine feet in height and 17 to 22 feet in length.

These smaller motor homes offer all of the amenities of full-size motor homes. To maximize space, living area in Class B motor homes often serve multiple purposes. For example, a dinette area or couch many convert to a bed.

Driving a Class B motor home is easy. Plus, this type of RV fits nicely in a standard parking space. Class B motor homes are ideal for motor home vacations and daily transportation.

Prices for this class of motor home start at approximately $35,000.

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