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FMCA enables members to participate in important RV-related education programs. Many times, the association contributes toward the expense of these learning opportunities to reduce out-of-pocket costs to members.

In 2012 the FMCA Education Curriculum could include the following RV-related courses:

  • RV Safe Driving Course
  • Coach Weight and Tire Safety
  • Fire and Life Safety

These programs may be available during the association’s Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase events, formerly known as international conventions. The courses are not offered through the mail; members must be present and sign up at the event to participate.

The RV Safe Driving Course is offered in conjunction with the Recreation Vehicle Safety & Education Foundation Inc. (RVSEF) to refresh motorhome drivers’ existing skills and to introduce new safe driving techniques. Topics include basic maneuvering, driving in adverse weather conditions, nighttime driving, skid prevention and correction, mountain driving, and towing and weight issues. The course takes six hours to complete and is divided into two three-hour classroom sessions. It is not a hands-on driving course. Pilots and copilots both are encouraged to attend. Successfully completing this course may qualify participants for a reduced rate on their RV insurance premium.

The Coach Weight and Tire Safety course is offered in cooperation with RVSEF. This course helps FMCA members to be sure that their motorhomes are being operated within the weight and tire capacities for which the vehicles were designed. Personnel from RVSEF provide their expertise for this seminar, wherein participants receive two hours of classroom instruction. Students also can have their coaches weighed and receive a load capacity analysis from foundation personnel.

The Fire and Life Safety program, sponsored by FMCA, helps RVers prevent fires from occurring in their motorhomes and teaches them what to do if a fire does break out. It involves a classroom presentation as well as a live fire demonstration. Participants learn about different types of fires, fire extinguishers, and how different fire-extinguishing products work.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT DISCLOSURE: FMCA Member Benefits are subject to change, including the discontinuation of any particular benefit, at any time and without prior notice. FMCA assumes no liability for damages, either direct or consequential, to any person or organization as a result of the use of services offered to members. All benefits may not be available in all states and foreign countries.

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