Advertising to motorhome owners

Motorhome companies that want to attract a large, loyal group of motorhome owners to their motorhome products should advertise often in Family Motor Coaching magazine. With a circulation of approximately 105,000 motorhome enthusiasts and a readership of more than 210,000, Family Motor Coaching reaches FMCA members who own motorhomes and love the motorhoming life.

Family Motor Coaching readers are more than just motorhome owners who subscribe to a motorhome magazine as a free FMCA member benefit. They are passionate about their motorhome owners club and motorhome travel.

Because owning a Class A motorhome, a Class B motorhome or Class C motorhome is a requirement of membership in FMCA, RV-related companies that advertise with FMCA can be assured they are reaching qualified buyers.

FMCA members travel average of 9,000 miles per year in their motorhomes. Approximately 11 percent of FMCA members live in their motorhomes on a full-time basis. FMCA's motorhoming members make motorhome buying decisions throughout the year, and they rely on Family Motor Coaching magazine when making those decisions.

This popular motorhome magazine also reaches subscribers, FMCA commercial member companies who offer motorhome products, and others through promotions at motorhome conventions and motorhome dealerships, etc. The magazine delivers the perfect audience for motorhome manufacturers, motorhome dealers, motorhome campgrounds, motorhome service facilities, motorhome resorts, motorhome parts suppliers.

The motorhome industry is cyclical in nature and has faced great challenges of late. But motorhome owners' desire to enjoy the motorhome lifestyle hasn't diminished. With a renewed interst on sharing quality time with our family and friends, and a focus on enjoying an active lifestyle that includes time spent in the outdoors, motorhoming boasts a natural appeal.

Of course, membership in the Family Motor Coach Association enhances everything that the motorhome way of life affords.

So, motorhome owners who want to enjoy motohroming to its fullest, can do so by joining FMCA, the world's largest and friendliest motorhome owners organizations. And companies that want to show their motorhome products and services to motorhome enthusiasts, can do so by dvertising with FMCA.

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