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Rand McNally releases GPS with Wi-Fi, weather display and video input

Rand McNally has introduced the RVND™ 7720, a 7-inch RV GPS device that offers Wi-Fi connectivity and real-time weather information and display. It also features video input, a brighter screen and a rugged design.

The new device – shipping now to stores, online retailers and RV dealers and distributors – joins Rand McNally’s line of RVND™ GPS devices for RVers.

The Rand McNally RVND 7720 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, real-time weather information and video input.RV-specific navigation is necessary to route motorhomes and towables around road restrictions, low bridges and other physical hazards. Like all Rand McNally RV GPS devices, the RVND™ 7720 also can be used as a car GPS – simply by changing a setting.

One of the features of the RVND™ 7720 is Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables the transmission and display of weather and other real-time information.* With updated weather information, RVers can anticipate delays and make plans by viewing current and predicted conditions displayed on the map and along the route.

The RVND™ 7720 has an all-new hardware platform and a new rugged design with ridged casing for added protection, a brighter screen that adjusts for low and strong light, and video input compatible with a range of backup and rear-view cameras.

The base maps and overlaying content, such as campgrounds, parks, RV service and other RV points of interest, also have been updated.

The device ships with Lifetime Maps** so owners will be able to update their devices at no additional cost.

The RVND™ 7720 GPS includes the following additional new features:

  • Fully updated road data, including RV-specific information such as speed limits, legal and physical restrictions, and all Rand McNally proprietary RV data
  • Fully updated points of interest necessary for safe and convenient routing, including travel centers and RV parking information at rest stops, exits, and other locations
  • Fuel logs, which are accessible from the Virtual Dashboard or via RV Tools; the feature enables drivers to record fuel purchases for a trip
  • Additional routing options such as “Avoid State or Province” and “Avoid Smaller Roads”
  • Address book icon enhancement, which enables unique icons to be created by group and shown on the map for imported locations; address book items can be sorted by name, distance from current location or date added
  • Text-to-speech alert details for user-imported custom points of interest, such as red light cameras, to reduce driver distraction

The new RVND™ 7720 has all of the features and functionality of previous RVND devices, including: Virtual Dashboard; junction view with lane assist; free downloads of Rand McNally’s proprietary construction information and software updates; Exits Quick View, which shows RV parking and amenities at exits; RV amenities and locations such as campgrounds, RV services, and dumps; Rand McNally exclusive pre-planned trips with photos and video; and routing for 11 types of RVs as well as for cars.

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*User is responsible for all third party data charges.
**For more information about the Lifetime Maps program, see

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