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Created by jclawson
This is a salad and a starchy side dish all in one. Add a green vegetable, meat from the skillet or grill, and dessert to round out the meal. Bake a pan of cornbread for breakfast and save the leftovers for this recipe.
Created by jclawson
Potato-like yuca (also called cassava) is increasingly popular in American cuisine. This side-dish salad goes well with grilled steaks or chops, or heat up the oven and bake a meatloaf. Scrubbed potatoes can be used in place of yuca. Two pounds of yuca or potato makes six to eight servings.
Created by jclawson
Created by jclawson
Serve this recipe with deviled eggs for a cold lunch or as a side dish with meat and vegetables from the grill for dinner. It's a salad and a starch all in one.
Created by JackieHolt
This is a wonderful refreshing salad that is easy to make for a large group. It's great for rallies and campouts.
Created by ShirleyEH
Fix this salad early in the morning and let the flavors mingle as long as possible. It's great for a simple snack or dessert.  
Created by kizzyputts
Try this salad with almonds, blue cheese and balsamic vinegrette.
Created by
The ingredients in this salad are commonly on the pantry shelf. No  trip to the grocery for that missing ingredient. A real hit at my house.
Created by jnschien
This is not your standard tuna salad sandwich.
Created by holmeska
Here's a refreshing, fruity salad made with 7Up, JELL-O, pineapple and bananas.
Created by absolutelyranita
This easy salad is great for any occassion. 
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