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Soups & Stews
Created by jclawson
If you love the taste of pizza, but want a change of pace, serve this soupy stew, hot and spiced to taste, with wedges of pita bread for dipping and scooping. This recipe serves four to six.
Created by jclawson
Remember to thaw the packaged frozen spinach several hours ahead of time. Imitation crab can be used, but the real thing is better. Buy it pasteurized, in cans, and it’s ready to use.
Created by jclawson
Here is my adaptation of Kerr's one-dish stew. I used a 10-ounce package of succotash in place of the 2 cups of corn and lima beans; cornstarch instead of arrowroot starch; and dried parsley and basil where he uses 1/4-cup of fresh herbs. Note that this recipe does not call for any salt. I think you’ll agree it is perfect without it.
Created by jclawson
This is my adaptation of a soup that goes together quickly, using canned foods. The original version is from the spice island of Grenada in the Caribbean.
Created by jclawson
Created by tmoning
This quick and easy chili recipe was sent in by FMCA family member Nan Nasser, who travels with her husband, Gus, in a 27-foot motorhome. She takes her personal cookbook and spices along and likes quickie recipes such as this one, which she serves with a boxed cornbread mix and a salad.
Created by tmoning
Whip up this simple, warming, meat-free supper on a cold night and serve it with buttery popcorn, hot from the microwave oven. Crisp apple slices with a caramel dip complete the meal. Dry mustard adds fire and tang, but omit it if you prefer a milder taste.
Created by tmoning
Stews are especially welcome at the winter table. They are the ultimate comfort food, the essential one-pot meal.
Created by absolutelyranita
Did you ever go to Shoney's Big Boy and enjoy their soup and salad bar and try the Cabbage Beef Soup? Well, if you did, here is the recipe for this warm and tasty soup.
Created by gandr2737
Easy, healthy and delicious!
Created by judyonthego
Use whatever type of small pasta you like for this tasty sausage and fennel soup.
Created by Bettyweeden
This is the perfect soup for the end of the day travel, or for a cold rainy day.
Created by absolutelyranita
What every man wants -- meat and potatoes all in one dish!
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