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Warm Rice Salad

Created by jclawson, Monday, 06 December 2010


Serve this recipe with deviled eggs for a cold lunch or as a side dish with meat and vegetables from the grill for dinner. It's a salad and a starch all in one.


At a glance
2-3/4 cups boiling water
3 cups instant rice
1/4-cup thawed orange juice concentrate
3 plum tomatoes, diced
1 bunch scallions, sliced
1/3-cup shelled pistachio nuts
1/3-cup sliced, pitted dates
1/3-dried cranberries
French or a citrus-flavored salad dressing


In a large, heatproof salad bowl, pour the boiling water over the instant rice. Cover and let stand 5 minutes until the water is absorbed. Stir in the orange juice concentrate. Lightly toss the rice with the tomatoes, scallions, nuts, dates, and cranberries, and add enough salad dressing to moisten.

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