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Broadband2Go information

Best Buy has a Mobile Broadband 3G compatible high-speed connection with a no annual contract. Do you have any info about it?  

David kelly

We don't have firsthand experience with Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go, but we’ve studied the Web site a bit.

Broadband2Go is Virgin Mobile's 3G nationwide wireless Internet service for laptops. It enables you to connect to the Internet from almost anywhere in the United States — without having to search for Wi-Fi or hotspots. Just buy the USB device, plug it into your laptop, and then choose a service plan. No long-term contracts or activation fees are involved, and you can change plans as your needs change.
Broadband2Go is a good thing for someone who travels a week or two here and there throughout the year. Any more than that, though, it’s too expensive. The $60-per-month plan can be used for up to 1 Gigabyte of data, compared to 5GB from Verizon. The service is provided by Sprint — so your coverage is going to be Sprint coverage.

And you would need to buy the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Wireless USB Card, for about $150. That’s not too bad, but compared to using your cell phone, which you’ve already paid for …

Hope that helps.


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