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Ramblings: Tales from Nomads - The Organic Sister

Views : 71 Added on : 4-Jun-2013
Uploaded by : tmoning

In April 2010 we interviewed Justin and Tara at the NuRVer Texas Gathering. They, and their 10-year-old son, Zeb, had just hit the road in their waste-veggie-oil-powered Winnebago Brave. We catch up with them 2.5 years later for an update.

"Ramblings: Tales from Nomads" is a series of interviews in which Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy talk with other full-time young-at-heart nomads and full-time RVers. Cherie and Chris, of www.Technomadia.com, are two Gen-X technomads who have been traveling full-time since 2006. They run their software development business from anywhere they can get Internet. They live and travel in a geeked-out 1961 vintage bus conversion.

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