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FMCA Member Benefits and Services

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

FMCA International Travel Insurance is an optional insurance plan provided by Seven Corners. It covers you anywhere in the world (special rates for high-risk countries and hazardous activities).

Here are other items to consider if you travel out of the country:

  • Can your credit card take a $10,000 hit to pay medical bills?
  • What if you do not speak the language? Who will do the translations and interpretations of medical bills?
  • If you or your spouse becomes ill or injured and needs to be flown home for further medical care, who will pay the bill?
  • You paid for your trip in advance, but  then a medical emergency prevents you from traveling. Will you be able to recoup any of the money you paid up front? 

Travel with Peace of Mind

The FMCA International Travel Insurance plan handles international claim payments and assists with language translation services. Plan administrators negotiate with hospital administrators to pay your bill. When you are sick or injured, the plan deals with the providers so you can concentrate on getting well.

Who Is Eligible For This Benefit?

Those eligible Members worldwide and FMCA Employees traveling OUTSIDE their home country.

When Are You Covered?

Any trip you take OUTSIDE your Home Country.

Seven Corners International Travel Insurance Schedule of Benefits

This plan is NOT available for travel inside your home country.

Excess Benefits:

All coverages, except Accidental Death and Dismemberment, shall be in excess of all other valid and collectable insurance indemnity and shall apply only when such benefits are exhausted.

Who insures the plan?

This plan is underwritten by certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London.

Pre-Existing Condition is defined as any Injury or Illness which was contracted or which manifested itself, or for which treatment or medication was prescribed within the six months prior to the effective date of this insurance.

For more information, contact Seven Corners: (877) 202-4176 and  (317) 582-2619.

Obtain a free quote from Seven Corners

FMCA International Travel Insurance application and brochure (PDF)

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