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FMCA Member Benefits and Services

Members and subscribers get full access to the monthly Family Motor Coaching magazine print and Web versions, as well as the digital edition. The association’s colorful, information-packed magazine is full of RV tips, member profiles, travel features, how-to articles, technical columns, and much more.

Family Motor Coaching magazine covers all facets of motorhoming and is one of FMCA members' favorite benefits.Each issue contains colorful travel features that describe areas of the United States, Canada, and beyond that are of interest to motorhomers, as well as reviews of new motorhomes, technical and how-to articles, and special features that focus on various aspects of the RV lifestyle.

Abundant classified and display advertisements keep readers up-to-date on the latest products available in the RV marketplace. 

The digital edition is available to FMCA members and Family Motor Coaching magazine subscribers, at:

Read the digital edition mobile devices such as the iPad and Android tablets; the iPhone and other smartphones; and on desktop and laptop computers.

Members and subscribers also can download a PDF copy of the magazine to enjoy during times when they do not have an Internet connection.

The digital edition is available online approximately one week before the print version arrives in mailboxes. Readers will get first look at the latest issue and its great content.

As a service to the family and commercial members of FMCA, FMC magazine offers Free Product Information online. Readers can request information about a product or service they have seen advertised in a particular issue of FMC magazine. Information is available for up to a year.

The information request is directed to the advertiser in question via a report that lists your address and the advertisement in which you expressed interest. Once the advertiser receives this report, the company will then forward the appropriate information directly to you.

To submit your request for advertiser information at, visit FMC magazine's Free Product Information page and search for an advertiser by company name, product category, or magazine page number. Provide your contact information and submit your request. You can ask advertisers to contact you with more information, and you also can connect directly to their Web sites in most cases.

Also included with your subscription to Family Motor Coaching is the annual directory/member benefits guide issue, published in January. FMCA members will want to keep this directory handy as they travel, as it includes a variety of useful information to which they can refer throughout the year.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT DISCLOSURE: FMCA Member Benefits are subject to change, including the discontinuation of any particular benefit, at any time and without prior notice. FMCA assumes no liability for damages, either direct or consequential, to any person or organization as a result of the use of services offered to members. All benefits may not be available in all states and foreign countries.

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