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FMCA Member Benefits and Services

Find Stoppin' Spots volunteers by using's Member Directory. The Stoppin' Spots listing also appears in the January print edition of Family Motor Coaching magazine.

Stop Over Spot

FMCA members are welcome to stop over at the member's home for a 24-hour emergency stop.

Come Visit

FMCA members are welcome to visit these members on a friendship basis for a 24-hour period, unless they are invited by the host member to stay longer. Remember, if these members didn't want you to stop, they wouldn't have offered this friendly gesture.

Mechanic's Helper

The volunteer is available to advise fellow members whose motorhomes have broken down on the road or need repair as to where in that area they can obtain good, knowledgeable motorhome service. Help from a fellow FMCA member who is familiar with the mechanical service in his area is only a phone call away.

Pinch Hit Driver

Members who are faced with an emergency situation and need someone to return their coach for them should look to this listing. Keep in mind that members who live in either the coach's current location or its destination might be of help. Also, please remember to defray any costs incurred by the Pinch Hit Driver.

To Volunteer Your Assistance ...

To be listed as a volunteer in the Stoppin’ Spots directory, please contact the Membership Services Department at the FMCA National Office (8291 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45244; 800-543-3622; email [email protected]).

The information in the Stoppin’ Spots directory is to be used only by FMCA members who are traveling and find they are in need of one of the services offered. Any other use of this list is expressly prohibited.

The individuals listed in Stoppin’ Spots have asked that they be included, and any services offered by them are provided by them as individuals and not from the Family Motor Coach Association Inc. Any member or volunteer offering, providing or accepting services described above does so at his/her own risk. FMCA makes no representations or warranties whatsoever regarding the services provided or those who may provide or request such services. The association cannot attest to the reliability of any such service and accepts no responsibility.

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