FMCA Member Benefits

  • Continental Tire Program Open or Close

    Continental Tire Program


    FMCA is excited to be able to give our members even more choices when it comes to equipping their motorhome with tires. Below is a step-by-step how-to on purchasing tires through the Continental Choice Program:

    • Get the specifications for the tires you need to have replaced. At this point, the program covers only motorhome tires.

      Use the specifications to find out which Continental tire is a match. You can do this by calling Continental (704-583-8889) or by using the pricing tool found below. This tool is extremely helpful and will give you pricing for every single tire that matches your search.
    • Find a local Continental dealer who can do the install, and set up an appointment.

      Also let the dealer know which tire you are looking for. That way, you can be sure the dealer will have the tires in stock and ready for your appointment. You can find a list of dealers at From that page, select Dealer Locator in the top right corner.
    • When you go to the dealer, show them your FMCA membership card. You will pay the dealer directly for the tires and installation.

      Keep in mind that Continental quotes only the tire price and federal taxes. Any mounting, balancing, or other services the installer offers will be at an additional charge. We cannot quote those fees up front.
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  • Campground/Repairs Search Open or Close

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  • Guardian Glass Open or Close

    Windshield Replacement Program by Guardian Glass

    The Guardian RV Glass Network provides convenient, hassle-free motorhome windshield replacement services. Guardian’s network offers nationwide coverage with more than 3,000 approved glass repair and replacement providers across the United States.

    The Guardian RV Glass Network works with insurance companies to make sure your claim is processed efficiently so you can get back on the road. The company has industry-leading customer service with a 98 percent average approval rating, and offers comprehensive warranties on parts and labor. All of this brought to you by America’s leading producer of motorhome windshields.

    Work with Guardian to get your windshield replaced and earn one year of your FMCA membership for FREE!

    For more information or questions contact Guardian at (855) 362-2784 or visit




  • Michelin Advantage Program Open or Close

    Michelin Advantage Program

    Follow these instructions to locate a commercial Michelin RV tire dealer and claim your exclusive FMCA-member tire discount on eligible Michelin and BF Goodrich tires.

    Step 1:  Look at the tires to be replaced and get the tire size.

    Then use the tool below to get available tire pricing in the size you need.

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    Step 2. Find your nearest commercial Michelin Advantage RV tire dealer.

    Go to and enter your zip code in the dealer locator. The dealers will be listed in the order closest to your location. Select the dealer that best suits your tire needs. NOTE: To purchase Michelin or BF Goodrich tires for your light truck or passenger car, you must use an authorized commercial Michelin dealer that sells all three types of tires: commercial truck, light truck, and passenger car AND that accepts the Michelin Advantage Program.


    Step 3. Contact the dealer to determine they have the tire that you want.

    When you contact the Dealer to determine the they have the tire you need for your RV, Passenger Car or Light Truck, make sure you ask for the five-digit MSPN number for the tire you are purchasing. And verify that you have the proper size tire for your vehicle.

    NOTE: All road tires with a maximum load capacity greater than 3500 pounds are subject to an F.E.T., or Federal Excise Tax. Generally this applies to medium truck tires and up. The F.E.T. is listed separately on the price lists above.


    Step 4. Schedule the installation with your dealer.

    Contact the dealer to check on the availability of the specific tire that you require. Make sure to confirm that they participate in the Michelin Advantage Program. Tell the dealer you will be purchasing your tires through the Family Motor Coach Association’s advantage account. FMCA's Michelin Advantage account number, or ship-to number, is 1326516. You will need to provide this number to the dealer. You must also provide your e-mail address. Your FMCA membership number will act as your purchase order number.


    Step 5. Register your credit card with Michelin.

    While you are obtaining your tires through a Michelin dealer, you will actually be charged by Michelin corporate and will need to pre-register your credit card with them. Michelin accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards only.

    To pre-register your card, contact the Michelin Advantage Program at (888) 532-6435 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time and select option 1 from their menu. To register your card afterhours, call Michelin at (800) 847-9855. Your card information will remain on file for 30 days and will be set up for one-time use only. If your tire transaction has not been completed within 30 days, you will need to re-register your card.

    If you make additional purchases in the future, you will need to call and preregister your card again at that time.


    Step 6. Complete the purchase.

    After the tires have been installed, you will need to provide the dealer with your VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit card information to complete the transaction at the servicing dealership.

    This information must match the card information you registered with Michelin corporate. The tires will be billed to your card by Michelin. Most dealers will charge you separately for installation and labor. Any fees for mounting, balancing, and tire disposal are quoted by the servicing dealer and are not discounted by the program. The customer must also pay the state and local sales taxes that apply in the jurisdiction in which the tires are purchased. NOTE: Once you have arrived at the dealer for service, walk around the coach with the service writer or salesman. Note any existing damage to the coach and/or wheels. Verify the tires are the ones you asked for and that you are happy with the manufacture date of the tires.

    For warranty issues, please contact Michelin Consumer Care at (800) 847-3435 or visit

    You should receive your invoice within seven to ten business days from the date of purchase. The transaction is now complete. Enjoy your new tires!


    Click here for printable version of these instructions

  • FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance Program Open or Close

    FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance Program

    From the first day of your membership, you’re automatically covered 24/7 by FMCA’s Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance plan, FMCAssist. It’s built into your membership, at no extra cost to you, and coverage is worldwide. In case of an accident or serious illness during your travels, you, your motorhome, your children, your grandchildren and your pets will be returned home.

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  • FMCA Roadside Assistance Program Open or Close

    FMCA Roadside Assistance Program

    The FMCA Roadside Assistance Program, powered by SafeRide Motor Club, is available to FMCA members in the United States and Canada, for only $109 per year.

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  • FMCA RV Insurance for RV, Homes, Autos Open or Close

    FMCA RV Insurance for RV, Homes, Autos

    With FMCA RV Insurance, members can select from the industry’s top RV underwriters and receive the nation’s best rates. Coverage is available for RVs, homes* and autos in the United States, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

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  • Family Motor Coaching magazine Open or Close

    Members and subscribers get full access to the monthly Family Motor Coaching magazine print and Web versions, as well as the digital edition. The association’s colorful, information-packed magazine is full of RV tips, member profiles, travel features, how-to articles, technical columns, and much more.

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  • FMCA Mail Forwarding Powered by DakotaPost Open or Close

    FMCA Mail Forwarding Powered by DakotaPost


    FMCA's mail forwarding service — Mail Forwarding powered by DakotaPost — offers an exclusive discount off of the company’s regular mail forwarding rates, and also offers enhanced services.

    DakotaPost, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has been in the mail forwarding business since 1989 and provides a safe and secure service. Options for receiving your mail include monthly, twice a month, weekly, or on demand.  The company’s new secure Client Portal gives you direct access to request your mail, change your mailing address, or update your account information.

    Whether you are hitting the road for a brief getaway or an extended stay, simply call, e-mail, or use the Client Portal to request your mail, update your shipping address, or provide specific mailing instructions (1-Time Only, Until Further Notice, Hold My Mail) no matter where your travels take you. 

    One of DakotaPost’s newest features is Virtual Mailbox. An e-mail notification will be sent when your mail arrives, notifying you to log in and view an image of the exterior of your mail pieces. Then, with a simple click of the button, you choose whether you want each piece of mail saved, sent, or shredded.

    How to sign up


    (800) 477-2664
    3916 North Potsdam Ave.
    Sioux Falls, SD 57104
    (605) 332-3711 or (800) 477-2664

  • Campground & Resort Connection - RV campground discounts Open or Close

    The FMCA Campground & Resort Connection program is a system of FMCA commercial member campgrounds that have agreed to offer FMCA families a discount of at least 10 percent off their campground fees. FMCA members can locate RV campgrounds via a searchable map at ...

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  • Tour Connection - RV rally, caravan and cruise discounts Open or Close


    Tour Connection - RV rallies and caravans

    FMCA Tour Connection offers members the opportunity to embark on member-only RV caravans and rallies at discounted rates. In addition, members receive a courtesy discount on other Fantasy RV Tours and Rallies.

    Fantasy hosts exciting member-only tours to some of the most sought-after vacation destinations. Each tour is professionally planned and includes many organized activities and events. Guests simply show up, take in the sights and enjoy the experience ... all in the company of fellow RVers.

    The rallies and caravans available to FMCA members are listed below. For more information, including detailed itineraries, visit or call toll-free (855) 385-3622.

    2017 START END
    7-Day Kentucky Derby 05/01/17 05/07/17
    13-Day Made in America Music 05/11/17 05/23/17
    48-Day Heart of Alaska 06/24/17 08/10/17
    6-Day Calgary Stampede Finals 07/12/17 07/17/17
    33-Day National Parks of the North 07/20/17 08/21/17
    8-Day Oshkosh AirVenture 07/23/17 07/30/17
    32-Day Atlantic Provinces Select 08/06/17 09/06/17
    34-Day Western National Parks 08/28/17 09/30/17
    8-Day New York City 09/10/17 09/17/17
    34-Day Mississippi River Run 09/15/17 10/18/17
    29-Day Autumn in New England 09/19/17 10/17/17
    15-Day Polar Bear Express 10/03/17 10/17/17
    7-Day Culinary Christmas 12/05/17 12/11/17
    2018 START END
    9-Day Mardi Gras 02/06/18 02/14/18
    13-Day Baja Whale Watching 03/11/18 03/23/18
    39-Day Australia/New Zealand 03/27/18 04/04/18
    8-Day Washington, D.C. 04/23/18 04/30/18
    8-Day The Real Outback Add-On 05/04/18 05/11/18
    27-Day Great Lakes of North America 05/24/18 06/19/18
    49-Day Atlantic Provinces 06/20/18 08/07/18
    7-Day Calgary Stampede 07/04/18 07/10/18
    14-Day Alberta, Canada & Montana Summer Swing 07/04/18 07/17/18
    61-Day Ultimate Alaska 07/07/18 09/05/18
    48-Day Heart of Alaska 07/14/18 08/30/18
    34-Day Western National Parks 08/30/18 10/02/18
    8-Day New York City 09/08/18 09/15/18
    29-Day Autumn in New England 09/18/18 10/16/18
    15-Day Polar Bear Express 10/02/18 10/16/18
    35-Day Sunshine Getaway 10/09/18 11/12/18
    2019 START END
    13-Day Baja Whale Watching 03/10/19 03/22/19
    7-Day Kentucky Derby 04/29/19 05/05/19
    60-Day Premier Alaska 06/18/19 08/16/19
    49-Day Atlantic Provinces 06/19/19 08/06/19
    62-Day Alaska Your Way 06/24/19 08/24/19
    6-Day Calgary Stampede Finals 07/10/19 07/15/19
    33-Day National Parks of the North 07/18/19 08/19/19
    29-Day Autumn in New England 09/24/19 10/22/19
    15-Day Polar Bear Express 09/27/19 10/11/19
    Additional FMCA Member-Only Tours will be announced as time goes on. If none of these tours or destinations meet your needs, please check out the full complement of RV adventures offered by Fantasy RV Tours - visit or call toll-free (855) 385-3622.

    View member testimonials and slide show of the inaugural Washington, D.C. tour.


  • FMCA motorhome rallies and motorcoach conventions Open or Close

    Motor coach owners like to get together and have fun while using their motorhomes. FMCA motorcoach rallies and motor home conventions held throughout the United States and Canada are occasions to do just that.

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  • FMCA Academy and RV Education programs Open or Close

    FMCA enables members to participate in important RV-related education programs. Many times, the association contributes toward the expense of these learning opportunities to reduce out-of-pocket costs to members.

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  • RV campground discounts Open or Close

    Many campgrounds that are commercial members of FMCA offer discounts to fellow FMCA members. The FMCA Campground & Resort Connection program is a ...

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  • Passport America discount Open or Close

    FMCA maintains a partnership with Passport America, a 50 percent discount camping club. As a Passport America cardholder, you can stay at more than 1,800 campgrounds across the United States, Canada, and Mexico at 50 percent off the regular rate.

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  • Stoppin' Spots fellowship, local service information Open or Close

    Members listed in Stoppin' Spots have volunteered to assist fellow members in their travels. Four categories of services are listed, and members' listings are coded with symbols to indicate which service(s) they have offered to provide.

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  • Motorhome Trip routing Open or Close

    Don't rely on GPS alone. Your FMCA Custom Trip Routing Guide contains suggested route options with easy-to-use printed maps. You'll have a "big picture" guide and all the details at your fingertips.

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  • Motorhome owners' rights/advocacy Open or Close

    FMCA is the largest association dedicated exclusively to the freedom and fun of owning a motorhome. We work to protect motorhome owners' rights.

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  • Staples FMCA Supply Program Open or Close

    Your Staples FMCA Supply Program offers the following benefits: discounted pricing only for FMCA members, Access to Staples Advantage ...

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  • FMCA campground in Cincinnati Open or Close

    FMCA’s national office campground in Cincinnati is available to members traveling through town. The campground is located behind the Round Bottom Road office building, which houses FMCA storage facilities. Free Wi-Fi is available.

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  • FMCA Member business cards Open or Close

    FMCA members may purchase specially designed “business cards” to share. These cards identify the holder as a member of Family Motor Coach Association.

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  • Blue Beacon Truck Washes: Members-Only Special Open or Close

    FMCA members can redeem a coupon for free Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant, a water-repllent treatment that is applied during the washing process.*

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  • FMCA International Travel Insurance Open or Close

    If you travel outside your home country, your domestic insurance may not cover you if you become ill or injured. U.S. residents: Medicare will not cover you out of the country.

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  • NASCAR Racing Experience and Mario Andretti Racing Experience Open or Close

    Have you ever wanted to drive or ride in a real NASCAR race car or Indy car on a speedway track? Ever watched a NASCAR or IndyCar race and wondered how it feels to go that fast?

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  • Office Depot / OfficeMax National Discount Program Open or Close

    FMCA members can save up to 80 percent on office and school supplies through the Office Depot / OfficeMax national discount program. Save on pens, paper, toners and accessories ...

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  • Costco Wholesale National Membership Program Open or Close

    FMCA participates in Costco Wholesale's National Membership Programs. That means FMCA members who join the membership-only warehouse club as a new member can receive coupons for ...

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  • Sam's Club Gift Card Open or Close

    FMCA members will receive a $10 gift card when they sign up for a new Sam's Club membership or renew an existing membership during promotionary periods. Read more and print your Sam's Club Membership Certificate ...

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  • UPS shipping discount Open or Close

    FMCA members can save up to 28% off UPS Express air and international shipping by enrolling in the UPS Savings Program.

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  • Other discounts Open or Close

    Many of FMCA’s commercial members offer discounts on their products and services to family members who present their FMCA membership cards. The RV Marketplace, which is published in the January and June issues of FMC magazine and online at, lists FMCA commercial members and their locations.

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  • Car rental discounts Open or Close

    Avis, Enterprise, Hertz and National Car Rental offer discounts to FMCA members.

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  • Chapters Open or Close

    FMCA chapters were created to enable members of FMCA to come together to exchange ideas about their motorhome lifestyle and to enjoy one another’s company on a smaller scale. Chapter gatherings are frequently held on weekends ...

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  • Membership identification emblems Open or Close

    Every FMCA member receives a set of oval identification emblems, known as “goose eggs,” which should be attached to the exterior of his or her motorhome. The goose eggs enable FMCA members to identify one another as they travel.

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  • Free classified advertising Open or Close

    Family, family associate, and life members of FMCA are entitled to 20 free words per calendar year in one issue in Classifieds, the classified advertising section of FMC magazine.

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  • and Open or Close

    The association’s official Web site — — is a useful source of information about FMCA member benefits, conventions, Family Motor Coaching magazine, FMCA chapters, and more. At, members can ...

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  • Youth activities Open or Close

    It’s fun to be an FMCA member’s child or grandchild! FMCA schedules off-site side trips and activities for children during the summer international conventions that may include bowling ...

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  • FMCA mobile apps Open or Close

    FMCA offers a free app for mobile devices that run on the iOS and Android operating systems. Watch motorhoming videos, locate campgrounds, get FMCA news, check the RV rally calendar — all on your mobile device.

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  • Recruitment rewards for signing up new members Open or Close

    FMCA members who recruit new members can save on membership dues, FMCA event registration fees and FMCA logo merchandise.

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  • Antitheft decals Open or Close

    New FMCA members are issued antitheft decals, which they are instructed to attach to their motorhomes. These decals serve as a deterrent to anyone who is considering stealing or vandalizing the motorhome of an FMCA member, by stating that a reward will be awarded to ...

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  • Key Return Program Open or Close

    FMCA members have the opportunity to purchase key rings with the official FMCA logo and a key return provision on the reverse.

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  • FMCAssist: Print I.D. Card Open or Close

    Print I.D. cards for the FMCAssist emergency evacuation/repatriation and emergency medical reunion benefit. (Member sign-in required.)

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  • FMCAssist: Print Brochure with Discount Drug Card Open or Close

    Print the FMCAssist Brochure. It contains a clipable Discount Drug Card, which is included with this emergency medical and travel assistance benefit. (Member sign-in required.)

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  • FMCA’s antitheft decals can pay off Open or Close

    In September 1998, 11 months after his Country Coach Magna was burglarized, Bob Carmichael received a $2,500 check from FMCA. But the most gratifying part would come later. Carmichael had taken advantage of the Antitheft Reward Program, a free member benefit ...

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