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The Future of RV Batteries

FMCA Discount on Briter Products’ Ion-Ready™ Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries

The Briter Advantage:

A Smart Investment

  • Members-only discounts and offers
  • Lowest price-per-cycle of current battery chemistries
  • All batteries include a full, 5-year standard warranty
  • Warranty options for up to 10 years

The Responsible Choice!

  • Specifically designed for RVs, built with safety in mind
  • Can be mounted internally or externally
  • Family-owned and operated business
  • Green product
  • Optimized for solar power storage

Specficially Design for RVs!

  • Longer cycle life – up to 5000 cycles!
  • Fully charge within 2 hours (when bundled with the specially-designed charger from Progressive Dynamics)
  • Built in a steel case to ensure durability
  • No heat output
  • Half the weight and twice the power of lead-acid batteries – a 2-to-1 ratio!
  • Easy-to-read LCD State-of-Charge display to see real time power usage
  • No need to add water – the Ion-Ready™ batteries are a dry chemistry battery
  • Low maintenance
  • Bluetooth™ configurations available
  • Options for extreme cold weather features available

Careful Installation

  • Easily replaceable parts and cells for servicing
  • Installations overseen by an electrical engineer each step of the way
  • Custom installation configurations are standard
  • Post-purchase support includes speaking directly with a Briter Products’ employee – no outsourcing!

Exclusive Offers for FMCA Members!

  • Ion-Ready™ battery for $1,199 (retail price of $1,299, includes a standard 5-year warranty from the date of purchase).
  • Additional 5-year extended warranty for $209
  • Discounted rates on battery and charger bundle:
    • 1 battery + 1 45-amp Progressive Dynamics Charger = $1,405
    • 1 battery + 1 60-amp Progressive Dynamics Charger = $1,425
    • 1 battery + 1 80-amp Progressive Dynamics Charger = $1,510
  • Discounted installation rate of $100/hour with purchase of Briter product(s) (normal rates can be as high as $150/hour)
  • *Prices do not include any applicable shipping and handling fees or sales tax.

For exclusive discounts on RV batteries and more, join FMCA.

Order and Install Options

Visit www.briterproducts.com/fmcabenefits or call 833-BRITER1 (833-274-8371) to order and setup your install. FMCA members have the option to complete the installation by:

  1. Scheduling a service appointment at the Briter facility in South Bend, Indiana
  2. Pre-scheduling your service at an FMCA International Convention or Area Rally (may be available at some Chapter Rallies as well)
  3. Having items shipped to a location convenient for you (Note: Due to the specific settings required for the optimization of battery efficiency, unsupported installations without a Briter engineer, certified electrician present, or consulting with Briter via phone could void the warranty. Please contact Briter Products with additional questions or concerns prior to shipping regarding this option)

From Larry N.

"I had an opportunity to visit the Briter booth at the Rally One RV get together last May and talk to them about their lithium-ion-phosphate batteries. They took the time to answer my many questions about switching to their batteries for use in my RV. After looking at various other battery types and other lithium battery companies I decided these were the best choice. We brought our RV into their facility on the way out of town and within a couple of hours they installed two batteries and the charger/controller. The workmanship on the installation was superb. After using their batteries over the last eight months they have proven to be a perfect choice for our dry camping needs and we are extremely pleased with them. We use them in conjunction with our RV's solar panels to provide for all our needs. Their after sale customer service is excellent as well."

From Ed A.

"It was great! Batteries worked all night with no issues. Gone is the fear of boondocking. We watched TV and ran the microwave and the residential fridge. Glad we bought them."

From Dick H.

"I love knowing how many hours I have left in my battery before I need to recharge."