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FMCA's Treasure Coasters chapter for motorhome owners

This close-knit Florida chapter rallies at locations within a short travel distance from their home base.

By Peggy Jordan, F401999, Associate Editor
June 2009 FMC magazine

On the Atlantic side of Florida, more than halfway down the peninsula, is an area called the Treasure Coast. Loot from long-ago shipwrecks was found there — and it's still being hunted offshore by divers and underwater explorers. The Treasure Coast includes St. Lucie and Martin counties, which is where the members of FMCA's Treasure Coasters chapter reside.

Chapter president Marty Fox said this group of motorhome owners enjoys being with each other, and they welcome more RVers to join them. "We have 16 or 17 coaches now, and a cap of 30 motorhomes; so, we are looking for new members," Marty said.

The chapter holds seven rallies each year: one in October, and then one each month from December through May. In the summer, many of the members head off to cooler climes, like reverse snowbirds.

The Treasure Coasters celebrated their 25th anniversary recently at a special rally. Their gatherings typically last from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. "A couple members still working come on Friday," Marty added.

The fun includes plenty of meals. "The host family prepares a menu, everybody sends in $11 per person for food, and they buy and plan the food for Friday, Saturday breakfast, an ice cream social Saturday, dinner Saturday night, and Sunday morning breakfast." Not a bad price for all that.

At rallies, the group dives into a variety of card games; a horse race game; card bingo; "geezer" golf; and more. The ladies make holiday crafts together a couple times a year, too.

Rally locations are not too far from their home turf — 150 miles is the max — keeping members from having to drive very far. Even so, they've done "some touristy" things, Marty said. "Near Arcadia is a place called Lions, Tigers, and Bears. We took a field trip there; I bet there were almost 30 of us." After watching someone feed the animals on this 40-acre rescue refuge, chapter members enjoyed a "Safari Dinner" as they listened to the lions roar across the fields.

Also while in the area, the group saw the Royal Lipizzan Stallions at a training facility in Myakka City.

Members of this chapter trade tips and are known to help each other with any coach mechanical problems. And, when they get back together again in October, they share information about places they saw during their summer travels.

The chapter has a monthly newsletter and provides information about the next rally. First-year dues are $65 per couple, which includes embroidered chapter shirts and name tags for each person. After the first year, dues are $10 per couple per year.

For more information about the Treasure Coasters, contact the Chapter Services Department at (800) 543-3622, (513) 474-3622; [email protected].

If you would like your chapter to be featured in Chapter Spotlight, send an e-mail to [email protected].

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