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A brand-new chapter welcomes FMCA members who own coaches built by Tiffin Motorhomes Inc.

Chapter Spotlight
By Peggy Jordan, F401999, Associate Editor
FMC Magazine, October 2009

Tiffin Motorhomes Inc. was founded in 1972; since then, the family-owned company has built and sold more than 50,000 motorhomes. Many FMCA members are among the crowd of Tiffin Allegro, Allegro Bay, Allegro RED, Phaeton, Allegro Bus, or Zephyr owners — so, you could say it was only a matter of time before a Tiffin owners chapter would be formed.

The Tiffin Travelers held their initial chapter meeting in June 2009 at the Eastern Area Rally in Richmond, Virginia. The group is officially an Eastern Area chapter, but any FMCA member can join, no matter where they live — as long as they own a Tiffin motorhome.

Chapter president Nick Paul said, "Although we are localized, you can still be a part of the Tiffin Travelers, even if you live in California."

The idea for the group came from FMCA member Gaye Young, who met with Bob Tiffin, Tiffin Motorhomes founder, as he visited Bill Plemmons RV World's sales center near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Bob was there to promote the fact that Tiffin motorhomes were being added to the list of brands Plemmons sells. He welcomed the idea of a Tiffin chapter in FMCA.

Back when the group was hammering out initial details at the Eastern Area Rally, Bill Plemmons was at the rally, too, exhibiting his wares. As Nick told the story, "One of his employees came to our organizational meeting and invited us to their location in Rural Hall, outside Winston-Salem, to come camping at their facilities. We've taken them up on that."

So, the group will hold its first real rally in October while enjoying three days of free camping at the dealership. This will be a great time for members to decide what they want from their chapter. "While there, we will decide where we'll meet next, and what kinds of activities we like," Nick said. "This is our first opportunity to be somewhere and get the crowd together and set the direction and the pace." Technical service will be offered to those who attend the rally, too.

Currently, 54 member families belong to the young chapter. In the future, Nick said he expects a continued good relationship with the Tiffin company as well. Also, although the particulars are not worked out yet, Nick said he hopes other chapter members will want to do some traveling together, so they truly are "Tiffin Travelers." He noted with a laugh: "Since I'm the president, I might have some influence on that decision."

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