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In addition to enjoying the RV lifestyle, members of this South Central Area chapter make plenty of quilts each year to give away to needy families.

Chapter Spotlight
FMC magazine, June 2011
By Peggy Jordan, F401999, Associate Editor

The Ozarks Prairie Sooners’ chapter name is derived from the home states of its members: Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The chapter's geographical center point is Mount Vernon, Missouri, the same town where the group was founded in 1993.

With approximately 33 member families now, the Ozarks Prairie Sooners are looking to welcome more friends into the fold. The chapter offers seven rallies each year, plus a holiday dinner in November. The rally season includes one rally per month from April through November.

Chapter president Anita Pennington said the rallies are held within a 250-mile radius of Mount Vernon. And when these motorhomers get together, all sorts of fun takes place. "We have a variety of interests and, yet, a lot of common interests. We do about everything," she said. The chapter's weekend rallies have included potluck dinners, cookouts, catered meals, shopping, golf, music shows, train and boat rides, and much more.

The chapter also has held many successful rolling rallies. None has yet been scheduled for 2011, but Anita said that the group has some great memories of going to Washington, D.C.; Florida; Jackson, Wyoming; and Mackinac, Michigan. Anita added, "We caravan in small groups to the [FMCA international] conventions and park together." They are considering caravanning together to the FMCA Family Reunion in Madison, Wisconsin, this August.

One event always on the Ozarks Prairie Sooners' agenda is the South Central Area Rally, also called the Six-State Rally. When they come wheeling into the grounds each year, they are hauling many, many homemade quilts, which are donated to deserving groups in the local area. The Ozarks Prairie Sooners’ secret to getting so many of these warm and lovely creations is for members to form two teams of quilt makers and hold a contest to see which team can make the most. The winning team gets a steak dinner; the losers get hot dogs and beans. As for the total number of quilts they brought to the Six-State Rally last year, Anita said, "We make a large contribution." "Large" in this case meant 160. On top of providing quilts, chapter members volunteer when they're invited to do so at the rally in such areas as seminars, security, and transportation.

The chapter has a very informative Web site,, where you can learn much more about the group, and even read the chapter newsletters. Dues are $20 per year per coach; first-year dues are $20 plus a $25 initiation fee. For more information about the Ozarks Prairie Sooners, contact the Chapter Services Department at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622; [email protected].

If you would like your chapter to be featured in Chapter Spotlight, contact FMC associate editor Peggy Jordan, (800) 543-3622, ext. 212; [email protected].

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