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Bounder-Roos chapter president Jerry Ayers and chapter member Judy Heiges promoted the club at FMCA's convention in Madison, Wisc., in August 2011.

Fleetwood Bounder motorhome owners join for fun times and fellowship.

By Peggy Jordan, Associate Editor
November 2011

When Sally Ayres and her husband, Jerry, formed the Bounder-Roos chapter in 2010, they never thought they’d get more than 25 coaches. Instead they ended up with 208 charter members. "It just mushroomed!" Sally said.

The group now has 243 member families and keeps growing. They welcome any FMCA member who owns a Fleetwood Bounder motorhome — any year, any model, gas or diesel.

Part of the reason for the Bounder-Roos’ rapid growth is that Sally, the chapter’s national director (Jerry is president), knows where to mine for more members: Fleetwood owners groups. Currently these consist of Bounders of America, Bounders United, and Bounder owners groups on It turns out that many FMCA members already belonged to those groups, but until the formation of the Bounder-Roos, no FMCA chapter existed specifically for Bounder owners. The new chapter also has introduced many Bounder owners to FMCA, thus adding to the association’s membership roster.

Sally is ironing out the details for next year's rallies. It's certain that one will be held in August 2012. "We are working on having a pre-rally for Indianapolis on the Indiana State Fairgrounds," she said, "probably four days before the convention begins." FMCA's 87th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase will be held August 27-30 at the fairgrounds, so the rally will give members a chance to gather for more than one purpose.

Because the Bounder-Roos is an international chapter with members all around North America, a second 2012 rally may be coordinated by a regional area vice president of the chapter, Sally said. Already in 2011 the new Bounder-Roos have gotten together three times. They enjoyed a large get-together at the FMCA convention in March in Perry, Georgia. This past May, occupants of 35 or so coaches gathered in Bremen, Indiana. "We had potluck one night, cookout one night, and we had a couple catered dinners," Sally said. "They were given lots of information about things to do during the day. A lot of them went up to the RV museum [the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart]." The rally also featured nightly entertainment.

The Bounder-Roos met again this past August at FMCA's 86th Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Madison, Wisconsin. The chapter convened on-site a few days before and enjoyed potlucks, dinners out, and playing cards and games in the evenings.

"If you want to meet a bunch of fun people and have a good old-fashioned time, join us!" Sally said. You also must own a Bounder, of course. Chapter dues are $15 per coach per year.

For more information, visit For general information about FMCA chapters, contact the Chapter Services Department at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622; [email protected].

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