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FMCA's Pikes Peak Rollers chapter

This chapter is based near Colorado Springs, Colorado, but members explore new sites together.

By Peggy Jordan, Associate Editor


The Pikes Peak Rollers' geographical scope is the portion of Colorado south of Interstate 70. Colorado Springs, site of the United States Air Force Academy, is the hub of this region. Therefore, it's not surprising that several chapter members are Air Force retirees.

Chapter president Darryl Barker said the chapter has approximately 40 member families and welcomes new ones. The calling card of this group, like many other FMCA chapters, is that its members are "fun and nice and good to be around," Darryl said.

From May through October, the chapter holds rallies, all mainly in Colorado. Rally locations in the past two years have included Bayfield, Creede, Westcliffe, Canon City, and La Veta. The monthly rallies typically take place over weekends.

Rally hosts plan and provide a dinner and breakfast, and the chapter usually will go out to dinner as a group. As for activities, "Depending on where we are, we will do some different things," Darryl said. At the La Veta rally, members hopped a concert train that traveled up a mountain and stopped at an outdoor music venue. In October, several chapter members planned to visit a mystery dinner theater near the town of Golden.

Chapter theme parties make things interesting, too. "Our first rally this year was in Colorado Springs, and it was a World War II USO party. We had the place decorated up like a canteen and had music and movies from the period," Darryl said.

Darryl explained that sometimes the Pikes Peak Rollers don't end their rallies on the last day. "A lot of times we'll plan what we call a 'follow-on,’ so that if people want to, they can make it a longer camping trip." Participation in the follow-on is optional. After this year's rally in Bayfield, four families in the chapter drove south to Taos, New Mexico. "It's generally pretty loosely organized, so we do what people feel like doing," Darryl explained. "Then at night we get together and have our cocktails and go out to eat. It makes a nice time for somebody who says a weekend is not long enough to take the motorhome out."

If you would like to meet chapter members before the rally season starts up again in May, you can join them at their holiday party this December at the officer's club at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. For details about this event (if interested in attending, please give sufficient notice so your reservation can be included), or simply to get more info about the group, contact Darryl Barker at (303) 884-0974; e-mail [email protected].

For general information about FMCA chapters, contact the Chapter Services Department at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622; [email protected].

If you would like your chapter to be featured in Chapter Spotlight, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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