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Carolina Ramblers members at their 10th anniversary rally.

This fun and happy group is based in North Carolina.

By Peggy Jordan, Associate Editor
January 2014

Carolina Ramblers’ past chapter president Ben Bryer and his wife, Mary, were not yet retired when they joined the chapter. And as far as Ben is concerned, not having a lot of time is the best time to join an FMCA group. Why? “It forced us to use our coach,” he explained. “There were a lot of weekends we’d say, ‘Nah,’ but once you join the group, you put it [a rally] on your schedule and you go and do it.”

The fun nature of the Carolina Ramblers chapter itself also helped keep the Bryers’ motorhome out of the driveway. The group, based in High Point, North Carolina, holds rallies mainly in North Carolina, but sometimes ventures into South Carolina and Tennessee. They also regularly attend FMCA’s annual Eastern Area Rally.

This close-knit group of 26 member families celebrated 10 years of friendship this past November at the Tanglewood RV Campground in Clemmons, North Carolina. John Reynolds, national vice president, Eastern Area, presented a 10-year certificate to Carolina Ramblers’ chapter president Neal Johnson. Charter chapter members present were recognized.

At the anniversary rally, Ben recalled, “As always, there was lots of laughter; a few happy hours – more laughter; games; relaxing; watching our favorite team play football or watching the NASCAR race on TV; catching up; and talk of our future camping plans.”

Most Carolina Ramblers rallies take place on weekends, with working members arriving Friday and leaving Sunday. Ben said retired RVers show up earlier and leave later. Activities include games such as cards, horseshoes, cornhole, and more. Meals involve eating dinner out on Friday night and enjoying a catered meal on Saturday. The first half of members who arrive at the campground cook breakfast Saturday morning; the other half do so on Sunday morning. “That way nobody’s stuck with all the work,” Ben explained.

This group focuses on giving, too. “Fines” collected from members caught not wearing chapter badges are donated to charity at the end of the year. Ben said, “We help organizations by volunteering, as well as providing material items for Toys For Tots; a food bank for people; and a food bank for animals.”
The Carolina Ramblers are welcoming new members and would be glad to meet you. “The one big thing you will remark about when you join is, everyone is happy and having fun,” Ben said.

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