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This group of commercial members works together and plays together.

By Peggy Jordan, F401999, Associate Editor
March 2009 FMC magazine

The Professional R.V. Vendors chapter (PRVVC) was created in 1995 by FMCA family members who were also commercial members who shared the common interest of exhibiting their wares at FMCA area rallies and international conventions. Approximately 100 companies belong to the group.

But this is not all about commercial interests. Former chapter president and current national director Bob Ingalls said that 80 percent of the members are both family members and commercial members of FMCA. Because of this, Mr. Ingalls noted, PRVVC chapter members are more involved in what FMCA does for the family members.

Members get business and social benefits out of the group. Business-wise, at international conventions, all of their booths are situated in one area called the PRVVC Market Place, and banners distinguish them from other vendors.

These vendors show their vested interest in the success of FMCA, as they sponsor youth activities at summer conventions. At this month's "Great Georgia Getaway" in Perry, Georgia, PRVVC is sponsoring the complimentary morning newspapers that members will receive each day.

Socially speaking, PRVVC folks gather on rally or convention setup days, after they've arrayed their booths for business. Cookouts and group meals, or just "sitting out under the awnings like everyone else," as chapter president Tom Fanelli said, are part of the fun. They also enjoy each other's company and friendship. Bob also noted that members sometimes travel together and visit socially in their free time; send cards or flowers to those who are sick; and financially help a fellow vendor if needed.

Last summer, when a PRVVC member broke his ankle at a PGA golf tournament, a fellow vendor flew from Arizona to help drive the man's motorhome to the South Central Area Rally in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and to the Rocky Mountain Area Rally in Farmington, New Mexico, and also helped him work those rallies.

Chapter dues are $30 per year, and the chapter has a newsletter called "The Commercial Corner" as well as a Web site, If you're an exhibitor at FMCA conventions or area rallies and would like more information about the PRVVC chapter, contact FMCA's Chapter Services Department at (800) 543-3622; e-mail [email protected].

If you would like your chapter to be featured in Chapter Spotlight, send an e-mail to [email protected].

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