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FMCA chapters are the fun groups that enable members to use their RVs and enjoy the fellowship of friends with a common interest, especially at chapter rallies and FMCA area rallies.

FMCA recognizes more than 475 chapters across the United States and Canada. Many of them encompass specific or general geographic regions. Others consist of FMCA members who own a particular type, brand, or model of RV.  And still others are based on a common interest, such as music, sports, coach conversions or amateur radio.

Other special-interest groups served by FMCA RV chapters include handicapped RVers, single RVers, golfers, NASCAR fans, and gaming aficionados, as well as service-related groups such as Habitat for Humanity.'s Chapter Spotlight is a good resource for learning about individual chapters. To find chapters and request information from those that interest you, use the Chapter Search.

Benefits of FMCA chapter membership

One of the greatest benefits of chapter membership, in addition to lasting friendships, is the exchange of information that such involvment provides. How else could you meet so many diverse people, all of whom share your interest in the exciting and rewarding RV lifestyle?

Chapter membership is a terrific way for RV owners to share fun, fellowship and information exchange on a regular basis. When you join a chapter, you can:

  • Meet interesting people
  • Form lasting friendships
  • Learn more about RVing
  • Rally locally with other RV owners
  • Exchange coach modification and maintenance information
  • Visit interesting places
  • Create indispensable memories

It's no wonder chapter membership is considered one of FMCA's most rewarding benefits.

Chapter activities

In addition to FMCA's area rallies, hundreds of chapters hold smaller-scale rallies and activities throughout the year. These gatherings are frequently held on weekends, and they are often organized locally, so long trips aren't necessary.

Each chapter of RV owners develops its own personality and ways to have fun. Often, chapters hold gatherings in conjunction with a notable event or attraction that chapter members can enjoy in addition to the traditional rally activities.

Anyone with a RV who is not an FMCA member is welcome to attend most rallies. Some rallies, however, have limited space and require reservations.'s Association Calendar lists chapter rally dates and locations. Chapter rallies are also listed on the Association Calendar pages in each issue of Family Motor Coaching magazine.

How to join an FMCA chapter

Here are a few ways to get in on the fun:

  1. Use the Chapter Search to request information from chapters that interest you.
  2. Check the Association Calendar for dates, times and locations of upcoming chapter rallies, and then visit a chapter you're interested in. Most FMCA chapter rallies are open to all RV owners.
  3. Of course, you may also contact the Chapter Services department —
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
     or (800) 543-3622 — to learn more.

Chapters and FMCA governance

The best way for FMCA members to have input into the operation of the association is through membership in a chapter. Each FMCA chapter has its own bylaws and officers. One of the officers must be a national director. That person represents the chapter on the national Governing Board, which elects FMCA's 14 national officers, adopts the annual budget and approves policies of the association.

For more information, contact the Chapter Department, (800) 543-3622;

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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