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OVERVIEW: FMCA is an international organization of families who own and enjoy traveling in recreation vehicles (RVs). Since 1963 FMCA has issued more than 450,000 memberships to families who look to the association as their source of information about all facets of RV ownership and travel.

MEMBERS: FMCA has approximately 75,000 active member families. Membership in the association costs $60 for the first year (which covers the dues for the first year and an initiation fee) and $50 per year thereafter.

FMCA also has more than 2,000 commercial members — dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, campgrounds, service facilities and other firms servicing the RV owner or the RV industry.

MEMBERSHIP EMBLEM: FMCA family members can be identified by the FMCA membership plate displayed on their RV. This oval plate, which bears the family's membership number, opens the door for many friendly encounters while traveling.

FMCA'S PURPOSE: FMCA organizes social activities, exchanges RV information, and supplies benefits made possible, in part, by collective purchasing.

The interest of the Association also extends into the area of political and legislative action. FMCA supports recreation programs and the legal rights of RV owners.

BENEFITS: FMCA member benefits include a subscription to the association's monthly magazine, Family Motor Coaching; a medical emergency and travel assistance program valued at $105 per family; a tire purchasing program; group rates on a roadside assistance program and on RV and auto insurance; and discounted rates for RV tours and caravans; and special member rates on mobile hotspot plans. Perhaps the greatest benefits of FMCA membership are the friendships shared by people who enjoy RV travel. The association is rich in the tradition of FMCA members extending hands of genuine friendship to one another.

CHAPTERS: FMCA encourages the development of local, regional, and specialty chapters. These chapters — FMCA has nearly 400 of them — organize events of particular interest to their members, including numerous rallies throughout the year. Regional rallies, composed of several chapters from a geographic area, also are held annually

In addition to the opportunities for forming long-lasting friendships, chapter affiliation presents FMCA members with forums for exchanging information. Those chapters that are based on mutual interest in a common RV model or in a particular hobby or activity serve as pools of information drawn from the experiences and knowledge of chapter members.

CONVENTIONS: FMCA holds two international RV conventions each year, in various locations in the United States. RV manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers display their latest products. The events take place over a four-day period and feature high-quality professional entertainment and informative seminars.

HISTORY: On July 20, 1963, 26 families met at the Good Will-Hinckley School in Hinckley, Maine, to socialize and become acquainted with other "house car" owners. They decided to form a motor coach owners' common interest group. A monument to commemorate the founding was dedicated at the school on July 4, 1994. In 2017, membership in FMCA was expanded to include owners of all wheeled, self-contained RVs that have permanent cooking, sleeping, and sanitary facilities.

HEADQUARTERS: FMCA is a member-owned association that maintains its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and employs a full-time office staff. FMCA is governed by officers who are elected from within the ranks of the association and who offer their services on a voluntary basis.

The organization occupies a 21,000-square-foot headquarters facility, as well as a 12,000-square-foot building that accommodates its Chapter Services Department and is home to a members-only campground.



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