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Hello Members!

From the feedback we have received so far it looks like the FMCA Forums rebuild has been a success.

Because of the inconvenience we would like to take this chance to explain why things took so long. Around last Sunday we started to notice issues with the web server that hosted the forums and how it was randomly just going offline.

Usually with computers when this kind of thing starts to happen it means that a piece of hardware is going bad.

As we were diagnosing issue the web server just died.

We had backups of the forums and the database so we were confident that we could get a new server setup within a day or two at most and get the forums back online, but we ran into a major snag after loading everything up on to the new server. The forum software that we run that was previously purchased from invisionpower.com would not come online.

After much research of the vague error code we were receiving we found out that the software had shut itself down because it recognized it was on a different web server than the one it previously existed on and it deactivated itself.

The only thing we could do at this point (which was on Tuesday evening) was to reach out to the software manufacturer and ask why they had deactivated our license.

So we looked up their website and there was no phone number listed to call them only a ticketing system for us to email them if there was an issue. We put in a request for someone to contact us immediately about why the our forums deactivated itself.

The next day a developer for the company responded to us and told us that the forum software had shut itself down because it thought we were trying to run it on two servers and that we had only purchased a single license and that out software key was made invalid, and that we would have to be contacted by someone in their accounts department so they could issue us a new software license to reactivate the software.

Over the next two days we heard nothing from the accounts department at invisionpower.com, we sent many emails to them and posted many tickets begging them for resolution.

Finally on Friday after 4pm EST we got a message from the supposed CEO of the company that said that they were going to reissue the license.

After they did we installed the new license and the software reactivated itself and we were able to bring the forums back online.

No one in our current IT Department was working for the company when FMCA started using the invisionpower.com forums so we did not know how troublesome dealing with them actually was.

Sometimes when using third-party software you find yourself in a position where your hands are tied and you have to work on the time table of the company that you purchased the software from. And that is what happened to us here, believe me if there was any way that we could have got things up and running faster we would have, we love our jobs and hate to disappoint anyone.

So in closing we want to apologize to everyone, and promise you that we have added failsafe’s to our forum environment so we never have to deal with invisionpower.com for customer service again.

Your Web Team

When we love our environment we work to preserve it, and the best way to fall in love with the outdoors is to explore it! Check out our article in the MediaplanetUSA AmericanAdventure campaign on why everyone should take the time to explore the great outdoors! http://www.modernwellnessguide.com/lifestyle/top-5-reasons-to-buy-an-rv

Hello Members!

As we continue to make enhancements to the site we will post updates about the changes here.

Lately we have added:

  • New Rally Calendar (04/04/2017)
    The rally calendar has been updated to be more like a real calendar, you still have the option to view the listing the old way if you would like to though.
    Click here to try the new rally calendar!
  • New Sidebar Search (03/26/2017)
    If you are on desktop/tablet you will notice there is now a search box at the top of the right menu.
  • Updated Campground/Repair Search (03/15/2017)
    To help you to find repairs we have added this ability to the campground search.
    Click here to try the new search!

Your Web Team

More auto manufacturers seem to be noticing this preference and are providing specific flat-towing information in their owners manuals and product literature.

Since 1999, Family Motor Coaching magazine has published an annual towing guide that lists the current model-year vehicles that auto manufacturers have approved for flat towing.

Towing a vehicle behind a motorhomeIt appears that manufacturers are approving more vehicles for towing four wheels down without significant speed or distance limitations and without major mechanical modification.

What makes a vehicle towable four wheels down? Two factors: One is mechanical and the other is the manufacturer's policy. Some vehicles can be towed from a mechanical perspective but have not been approved or endorsed for towing by their manufacturer. Often, this is the combined decision of several groups, such as sales, marketing, engineering, service and legal.

Some vehicles not endorsed by their manufacturers for towing can be towed provided certain mechanical modifications are made to the towed vehicle. For instance, installing a drive-shaft disconnect, an axle lock, or a lube pump to lubricate the towed vehicle's transmission.

Lighter-weight cars, SUVs and pickup trucks are popular vehicles to tow four wheels down. But do not purchase a vehicle just because you've seen others towing it. The owners may have made modifications to make it suitable for flat towing.

Before purchasing a vehicle for towing four wheels down, obtain a copy of the vehicle owners manual and determine the manufacturer's official position relative to this type of towing. This information usually is contained under a bold heading called "Recreational Towing," "Motorhome Towing" or "Dinghy Towing." Read the manual yourself; do not rely on hearsay. In the manual, do not confuse recreational towing with emergency towing; some vehicles can be pulled four wheels down in emergencies only.

Talk with the dealership service manager and ask whether any service bulletins relating to towing a particular model have been issued. Vehicle manufacturers use service bulletins to communicate information to dealers regarding technical issues, including towing of their products.

The next step — again, to be taken before the actual purchase -- is to check the towability of the vehicle and determine whether a base plate is available for it. Towability is a function of how well the towed vehicle will track behind the motorhome.

Base plate availability is a concern, because most modern cars have impact bumpers and cannot be towed safely from their bumpers. An alternate method of attaching the tow bar to the car is required. The base plate provides a factory-engineered method of doing so and offers the assurance that the car can be successfully towed. Base plates also can be custom-built at professional hitch shops. Contact towing equipment manufacturers and suppliers to check whether a base plate is available.

To ensure a safe tow bar installation, the coupler of the tow bar should be as level as possible when the motorhome and the car are on flat ground. To accomplish this and still deal with the practical problems of proper attachment to the vehicle's chassis, some tow bars incorporate a "step" in the design of their products. The "attachment tabs" end of the tow bar is 5 or 6 inches lower than the coupler.

Always follow the towing procedures and guidelines exactly as outlined in the owners manuals.

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