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Cincinnati, OH — RV owners interested in expanding their knowledge about RVing need look no further than the FMCA University. This online education resource — provided by the world’s largest member-owned RV club — puts a wealth of trusted information at RVers’ fingertips, and allows them to take their learning on the road.

Published on: 07/30/2018

“Information exchange has been a key focus for FMCA — an international association for RV owners — since the organization was founded in 1963,” said FMCA president Jon Walker. “We’ve taken that to the next level with the introduction of FMCA University. This online learning experience, available exclusively to members of FMCA, offers a library whose virtual shelves are packed with information to help RV owners learn more about maintaining and traveling in their RVs. We’re very excited about this new benefit for members.”

The FMCA University library currently contains approximately 300 articles in nearly 50 categories. RVers can explore at their convenience and can bookmark lessons for viewing later. The FMCA University also tracks an individual’s viewing history for easy reference. Topics range from tires and tools to health and trip planning. And that’s only the beginning. The library will continue to grow, and the FMCA Education Committee is working hard to add an online curriculum to the FMCA University in the near future. The FMCA University curriculum will allow RV students of all ages and experience levels to complete courses of their choosing while earning points and rewards to show off to their friends.

The repository includes material written by RV/MH Hall of Fame member and Family RVing magazine technical editor Gary Bunzer, commonly known as the “RV Doctor.” Mr. Bunzer has received accolades for his education of RV owners and RV technicians alike. In addition to lending his material to the library, he was instrumental in helping to compile and organize the FMCA University material.

Mr. Bunzer also leads FMCA’s RV Basics courses — classroom-style learning opportunities that take place in advance of FMCA’s twice-yearly RV expos. He is one of several RV experts who serve as instructors during the 2½-day workshop. New or wannabe RVers, as well as more experienced owners looking for a refresher, learn the dos and don’ts of RVing during the sessions. Topics include fire and life safety, tire safety, the not-so-glamorous topic of waste management, and electrical troubleshooting tips. The next opportunity to attend RV Basics will take place March 10 through 12, 2019, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter in Perry, Georgia.

Membership in FMCA costs only $60 for the first year and $50 per year thereafter. This provides full access to FMCA University and the Family RVing magazine archives, among many other benefits designed expressly for RVers. For information about joining FMCA, visit; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or call (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622.


FMCA is the world's largest not-for-profit association for recreation vehicle (RV) owners. The organization maintains its national headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently has over 138,000 active members. FMCA offers its members a number of benefits, including a subscription to its monthly magazine, Family RVing; a medical emergency and travel assistance program valued at $200 per family; a tire purchasing program; group rates on a roadside assistance program, RV and auto insurance, and health insurance; discounted rates for RV tours and caravans; and discounts on mobile internet access plans. Perhaps the most important benefit of FMCA membership is the camaraderie and friendships that develop among people enjoying the common interest of RV travel.

The organization can be reached at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622 and on the web at

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