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About FMCA

What do FMCA members like best about their association?

FMCA loves to hear from its members. This page compiles real, unedited comments that we have collected over the years from FMCA members.

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"The member benefits. They are the greatest insurance policy of any. You read through the benefits of belonging to FMCA … where else could you get these for only $45 per year?"

George and Debbie Arvidson, full-timers from Salem, Ore.
F259952 (members since 1999)

"Family Motor Coaching magazine is so informative it is worth the entire membership fee. We anxiously await each issue and read it cover to cover."

Norm and Linda Payne, full-timers from Louisville, Ky.
F265732 (members since 1999)

"The friendly members. They're always willing to help if you need it."

Ed and Janice Wiseman, Santa Monica, Calif.
F1491 (members since in 1967)

"FMCA brings together many folks from all walks of life, for fun and laughter."

Ben and Mary Bryer, Pilot Mountain, N.C.
F298847 (members since 2001)

"The many benefits, the conventions and rallies, but especially the people."

Danny and Alice Mumy, Westerville, Ohio
F87793 (members since 1987)

“We love the rallies, the club benefits and the magazine. Also, because it’s strictly for motorhome owners.”

Bill and Sharon Whitaker, full-timers from Sioux Falls, S.D.
F338479 (members since 2003)

"It's a great social organization. It provides helpful motorhoming information at seminars. It offers plenty of assistance to chapters. It has an emergency medical assistance plan that helps members to manage out-of-area medical and travel emergencies."

Clara and Albert Foster, Marietta, Okla.
F113266 (members since 1989)

“FMCA provides many services, information and benefits for motorhomers. We read the magazine from cover to cover and learn so much from its varied articles. It is a great organization.”

Arlene and Pete Chiarolanzio, Florham, N.J.
F181694 (members since 1994)

“We felt FMCA was good source for us to learn about motorhoming, especially when we were new to it. We have not been sorry. We appreciate the discounts at Flying Js and knowing we have the emergency medical assistance program. That alone is worth the amount of the dues.”

Nancy and Schuyler Eubank, Montgomery, Ala.
F269734 (members since 1999)

"One of our friends recommended FMCA to us. It was the best advice we ever received. We've had so many good times with old and new friends."

James and Joyce Haupt, Lakewood, Calif.
F184794 (members since 1994)

"The friendships that we have made within our chapters and at conventions and rallies. When you get involved you meet lots of people who have the same interests that you do, friendships just develop."

Dale and Millie Johnson, St. Louis, Mo.
F157253 (members since 1992)

“FMCA chapters are the single greatest benefit our association has to offer — comradeship with the most interesting people you will ever meet — your fellow members."

Len Pigg, Glendale, Ariz.
F133119 (member since 1990)

"We could not have made a better decision [than to join FMCA], especially considering that we were motorhome rookies and knew very little about our coach or the lifestyle. We were eager to learn, and gained a great deal of information at our early rallies from the experiences shared by other chapter members.”

Skip and Helen Skipper, Havlock, N.C.
F119793 (members since 1989)

“We love the conventions, particularly the technical classes. But, the best part of all is that we have met many wonderful new and lifelong friends through our chapter and the conventions. We have learned that it’s important to have friends of all ages and from many different backgrounds.”

John and Vicky Ferrari, Leesburg, Va. and Mineral, Va.
F369332 (members since 2005)

“Kathy and I are so glad we joined FMCA. If you are a young family or retired folks, there is no better, wholesome fun around than being part of this fine organization. Besides the enjoyment of camping and traveling, the true fellowship that is shared in the chapters form lasting friendships. We would not have missed it for the world. We encourage everyone to let their friends know all about FMCA.”

Ray and Kathy Rundgren, Orange City, Florida
F299173 (members since 2001)

"The international conventions, especially in the summer when our grandchildren can go with us!"

Bill and Raymonda Dane, Full-timers from Springfield, Ore.
F218850 (members since 1997)

“FMCA is a great organization, has many great programs and friendly employees and members. The Pinch Hit Driver program will always get your motor coach home ….”

Ken and Patricia Simpson, Fort Mohave, Ariz.
F357460 (members since 2005)

“We believe that FMCA, motorhoming and the RV lifestyle have added tremendous excitement to our retirement years. We are so glad to be involved.”

Duane and Rosalie Pindell, Cheyenne, Wyo.
F105443 (members since 1988)

“One of the reasons we joined FMCA was because of the emergency medical assistance benefit, although we never expected to need it. We want everyone to know how glad we are that we joined FMCA. We will advertise this wonderful member benefit to whomever will listen.”

Patrick and Patricia Williams, Sheboygan, Wisc.
F322878 (members since 2003)

To FMCA’s Mail Forwarding Department:

“ … we appreciate your efforts in getting our mail to us each week. When we began full-timing, this had been one of our major concerns. We now know we didn’t need to worry. You have done a fantastic job! Thank you for all of your time and effort in forwarding our mail to us at each new site. We have been pleased with your services."

Rich and Gail Schell, full-timers
F369690 (members since 2005)

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