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It’s common for FMCA chapter members to get out and explore the area where they’re holding a rally. The Oregon Trail Drivers members do that. But their state has so much to see: a beautiful ocean coastline; inspiring mountains; rushing rivers; quiet deserts; and a fertile valley full of farms.

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Many of the original members of the Northern Lights chapter were from northern Michigan, which became part of the inspiration for the chapter name. Today, 25 years later, the chapter has members from all over the state.

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“It’s not old; it’s vintage!” is the motto of these owners of Blue Bird motorhomes.

Do you recall the beautiful bus-style Blue Bird Wanderlodge? If so, you may also remember that these motorhomes were built at the Blue Bird plant in Fort Valley, Georgia.

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What’s more fun than motorhoming? Ask the members of FMCA’s Amateur Radio chapter, and they’ll tell you it’s motorhoming with a worldwide communication device on board.FMCA members share their common interest with friends near and far.

Ontario Rovers


Join a group of Eastern Ontario-based members as they explore this Canadian province.

By Peggy Jordan, Associate Editor
December 2016

American FMCA members who join the Ontario Rovers can learn what’s to see and do in the Canadian province of Ontario. Canadian FMCA members who live in Ontario or elsewhere can experience the fun of a chapter of like-minded travelers. Joining this chapter is a win for RVers in either country!

The Ontario Rovers chapter has 25 member families, and it focuses on Ontario and the Great Lakes Area. Chapter secretary and alternate national director Kathy Chesher said the chapter is “a good group of people who get together and visit and explore the area.”

The group’s rally schedule runs from May through October, and rallies are held over Friday and Saturday nights. They have met as far east as Ottawa and as far west as London.
But besides rallying in Ontario, chapter members attend FMCA’s Great Lakes Area Rally, or “GLAMARAMA,” each summer. The group also volunteers at that event.

As for rally activities, Kathy said, “Generally we have something we are doing. One year we visited a cranberry festival. A couple of times we’ve been to old Fort Henry (a historic site in Kingston, Ontario).”

They have a tradition of attending the summer festival called “Pickin in the Park,” an amateur music event at Fiddle Park in Shelburne, Ontario. Aside from that, she said, “We tend to explore the area where we’re having the rally; then, in the evening we basically just visit.” Often, members share potluck meals.

During the chapter’s 25th anniversary rally in Cookstown, Ontario, this past September, attendees enjoyed home-cooked food, a catered dinner, cake, recognition awards, and a competitive “horse race” game. Fifteen coaches were in attendance.

The Ontario Rovers plan to attend and volunteer at FMCA’s 96th International Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, next July. Otherwise, the 2017 rally schedule is not finalized yet. This brings up an important point: The chapter is seeking new ideas and new places to go. It’s ripe for more FMCA friends who want to add their own spin on the fun. “We’d like to get some new members to get some new ideas and spread out a little bit,” Kathy said.

Again, you don’t have to live in this area to join. “We’re open to anyone, basically; they don’t have to live in eastern Ontario or Canada; they can be in the United States. Anyone interested in Ontario,” Kathy noted.

The chapter has a newsletter, and dues are only $10 per year; first-year dues are $30 and include name badges and a membership directory. For more information, contact FMCA's Chapter Services Department at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622; [email protected]

If you would like your chapter to be featured in Chapter Spotlight, contact FMC associate editor Peggy Jordan, (800) 543-3622, ext. 212; [email protected]

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