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If you've already registered for Crossroads to Fun and would like to add RV Basics, please call our Events Department at 800-543-3622.

Your key to worry-free RV Fun!

Sign up now and learn insider tips and how-to secrets from RVing experts.

Introducing the RV Basics workshop. In two days – July 10-11, 2017 – you’ll get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with your RV’s operation and systems.

Get easy how-tos and instruction to keep RV adventures in your motorhome or trailer safe and trouble-free.

PLUS: You may be able to save on your insurance policy upon completion of the course. Please contact or your agent to see if you qualify.

FMCA members and non-members are welcome to sign up for this popular workshop.

Why should YOU attend?
  • New to RV ownership? This two-day workshop is a great confidence-builder. You can relax and enjoy your new rig without worry – won’t that feel great?
  • Keep up with technology and equipment used in the latest models. Find out what you need to know if you’ve upgraded to a newer motorhome or trailer. Technology and equipment change constantly, and we’ll share what you need to know.
  • Get real-life solutions for all kinds of RV troubles. Avoid do-it-yourself snags with new ideas (and reminders, if you are taking RV Basics as a refresher class).
  • PLUS: Do others rely on you as The RVer who knows everything when you travel? Then consider attending RV Basics with your travel partner, so you both are up-to-speed on critical knowledge ... how the fresh water system operates ... how to maneuver the RV with a tow vehicle on the back ... even what to do if a fire breaks out in your rig.

Top 10 Reasons to attend:

1.Expert instructors
2.Great location - Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center Indianapolis, IN
3.Complete "tip to tail" education on motorhomes and trailers
4.Be safe, be smart - great investment for only $250/person; $400/couple
5.Your friends will be there!
6."Smell-proof" your RVing
7.Fit your RV to your lifestyle
8.Disaster prevention
9.Replace myths with knowledge
10.You'll have FUN!

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of RVing (and laugh too)!

RV Basics focuses on key preparation, operation and maintenance practices essential for trouble-free travel, in a relaxed campground setting with other RVers.

  • You’ll take away advice you can trust on questions like …what you can do yourself and what you should leave to a service professional…how to avoid grey water tank problems…electrical systems troubleshooting…when does it make sense to replace instead of repair?
  • There are no bad questions, but there are bad guesses when it comes to troubleshooting RV issues—hear what NOT to do first.
  • Expert instructors are available to answer all of your questions. You'll want to sign up now. Enrollment is limited to allow plenty of time for questions.
  • The workshop runs from 8am to 5pm, so you still have plenty of time to make plans with friends and family each day.
  • And we promise – no tests, no tools needed!

Register now for RV Basics – July 10-11, 2017

Attendance is limited!

Attendees receive one-on-one attention, and that means we must limit enrollments in this popular workshop. Avoid disappointment - Register NOW so you don't miss out on this outstanding program from FMCA Academy.

Pick your Path – Bonus Benefits for Crossroads to Fun attendees!

RV Basics is conveniently scheduled right before Crossroads to Fun, FMCA's 96th International Convention.

Option 1
Come for RV Basics, Stay for Crossroads to Fun!

RV Basics + Crossroads attendees receive:

1Two days of expert instruction - lectures, workshops and hands-on how-tos. Personalized, interactive instruction covering the fundamentals required to travel safely and with confidence.
2Welcome reception on Sunday afternoon, July 9. Meet the presenters and receive your course materials.
3Box lunch provided both days
4Free for RV Basics attendees: two nights of camping at Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center in Indianapolis, IN, prior to FMCA's 96th International Convention and RV Expo: Crossroads to Fun!
– your RV will be parked close to all the Crossroads to Fun fun!

Option 2
RV Basics attendance only

1Two days of expert instruction - lectures, workshops and hands-on how-tos. Personalized, interactive instruction covering the fundamentals required to travel safely and with confidence.
2Welcome reception on Sunday afternoon, July 9. Meet the presenters and receive your course materials.
3Box lunch provided both days
– Free car parking (sorry, no RV camping for RV Basics-only attendees)
– Complimentary student day pass to Crossroads to Fun – come see what all the FUN is about!

All this for only $250/person or $400/couple.

What are you waiting for? Choose the option that’s right for you and get ready to improve your RV skills and knowledge. (And you'll have FUN, too!)

Meet the Instructors

There simply aren't two more qualified experts to inform, educate and entertain you. You'll feel like you got a Master's Degree in RV fun, safety and preparation after two days of RV Basics.

Gary Bunzer
The RV Doctor

Gary Bunzer, a 2016 inductee to the RV/MH Hall of Fame, has served the RV industry since 1968 and continues to author technical articles, installation guides, and owner's manuals for the RVing community. He also writes and edits textbooks and curriculum materials for RVIA and RVDA, and produces broadcast-quality training videos for RVers and professional RV service technicians. Gary's column, "The RV Doctor," has been in continuous monthly publication for nearly 40 years, and he has contributed articles to Family Motor Coaching magazine for 30 years, including the "House Calls" column.

Walter Cannon
RV Safety & Education Foundation

Walter Cannon has served as the Executive Director of RV Safety & Education Foundation since 2003, having worked with the organization (formerly A' Weigh We Go) since 1993. He has spent more than 30 years in the RV industry, including 15 years as a full-timer. He is an informational member of RVIA's Standard Steering Committee as well as several others. Walter has presented seminars for the RV industry since 1988 and has taught at RVIA Troubleshooting Clinics, Life on Wheels conferences, dealerships, and rallies, as well as conducting individual hands-on driving courses.

A message from Charlie Adcock, FMCA National President:

Two years ago, I wrote a column in Family Motor Coaching magazine about a dream I had for you. I envisioned expert-led FMCA education programs, open to everyone. These workshops would provide information and the training needed to fully enjoy a robust motorhoming lifestyle.

In 2016 the Hands-On Driving Program was launched and enthusiastically received during our International Convention in Perry, Georgia.

Now, you can also sign up for RV Basics, a NEW course developed to help RV owners at every level of experience.

You'll be instructed by the best duo of experts in the industry, so you’ll enjoy your home-on-wheels even more. Please join the dream and register today.

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