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The Family Motor Coach Association connects its members with fun, discounts and services that enhance their motorhome lifestyle. Enjoy motorhoming more with FMCA.
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Full/Family (F) membership
Membership in FMCA is conditional upon ownership of a qualifying coach: a Type/Class A, B, or C motorhome, or a bus conversion, that contains all of the conveniences of home (including cooking, sleeping, and permanent sanitary facilities).

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We are unable to reinstate your previous membership online. The cost to reinstate your membership is only $40 instead of the new member fee of $50. Please call the Membership Department at 800-543-3622 between 8am and 5pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday to reinstate your membership.

Membership Fee

First year dues include membership identification emblems, a $10 initiation fee, $35 for one year's membership fee, and $5 for a one-year subscription to Family Motor Coaching magazine. Annual renewal fee is $40.

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6 Years $210 Save $40

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By joining FMCA, I certify that I own at least a 33.3% interest in a qualifying coach. I understand that upon acceptance of my application, I will be sent a copy of the FMCA Code of Ethics. I agree to read and abide by this code, which represents all of our endeavors to be good neighbors, careful and responsible coach owners and operators, and good citizens of our communities.

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