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FMCA Tech Connect Plus

TechConnect+ Signups Shutdown

Due to the upcoming holiday season FMCA TechConnect+ staff will not be able to fill any new orders until January 2nd, 2023. Have a happy and safe holiday!
Important changes to the Tech Connect Plan since moving to AT&T and away from T-Mobile

The plan being offered through AT&T is a very usable 12 Mbps max speed, with the option to upgrade to 25 Mbps for an additional $5.00 per month. The plan is still unlimited data and is truly unlimited. If you have used 75 GBs or more, and you are in a congested area, you may notice reduced speeds because of data prioritization.

We have been receiving calls about members being network managed from snowbirds frequenting parts of Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona.

Top Questions

Will I get tracking emailed to my email address for my AT&T order? Currently AT&T does not have any automation in place that sends tracking to FMCA. So, to get tracking we must request it through AT&T by email, and usually within a couple of hours we receive a response. If you need tracking for your AT&T order, please email the Tech Connect+ staff at

Can I send to a General Delivery address? AT&T will not ship to General Delivery.

Internet for RVers + More!

Technology is now – why not take part in a benefit package that brings it to you for less?

FMCA Tech Connect+ is a benefit package that easily connects you to technology offers. We’ve worked hard to negotiate these plans for you, so you can spend less time reading the fine print and focus instead on doing what you love – RVing!

For just $59.99 per month, you’ll get all this…

P.S. We’re working on more offers!

If you are having trouble, please visit the self troubleshoot page.

What‘s Included

AT&T© Mobile Hotspot

FMCA has teamed with AT&T to bring its members an outstanding data plan. This includes 4G LTE speeds as well as 300mb roaming coverage per month. (This plan is available in the US only, as there is no international data included in this plan.)

Use the AT&T Coverage Map button below to visit the AT&T site to verify that you are within a AT&T coverage area.

Learn More FAQ View AT&T Coverage Map

Choose your monthly speed plan.

12MBPS ($59.99) Is the basic plan, which may be best for members who are not planning to do alot of streaming. We have tested this plan with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and had very few issues.
25MBPS ($64.99) For an additional $5.00 per month, AT&T offers this optional upgrade to more than double the base speed of the plan. This is the best choice for you if you plan on doing a lot of streaming. We have tested this plan with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and many other streaming services with almost no streaming issues.

Take advantage by becoming a member today for only $60!

Current FMCA members will need to sign in.

Need help? Contact the Membership at, (800) 543-3622 or (513) 474-3622 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST.