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We love having FMCA members stay at the FMCA campground in Cincinnati. Please note, however, that because of rallies taking place, the campground will be full immediately following the Indy convention through July 23 and again from July 27 through 30. So, if you were planning to stop by on your way home from Indy, you’ll want to make arrangements to stay elsewhere. Please feel free to stop by and stay another time. Apart from special chapter rallies, spaces are available on a first-come basis. It’s always a good idea to call the national office to find out whether a rally is taking place during the time frame when you wish to visit.

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Family Motor Coach Association members Judy and Ray JanzFMCA membership number:  F152680 (joined in 1992)

Our current motorhome: 
A 37-foot 2001 Tiffin Allegro Bus

Three words that best describe our motorhome: 
Not Big Enough

The best thing about our motorhome: 
It's neat and clean and runs well.

Other motorhomes we’ve owned: 
A '73 Newell, a Winnebago Class C, a 34-foot Winnebago Class A

We decided to buy a motorhome because:
We love travel and I [Ray] have seen the whole country via interstates. Now we use backroads and Judy can see the United States and Canada.

Our occupations:
I run a specialty trucking company and am semi-retired. Judy is retired.

We have two daughters and seven grandchildren.

We travel in our motorhome:
Approximately seven months of the year.

Our favorite motorhoming destinations:  
Yellowstone National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, Texas and Arizona

Our all-time favorite motorhome trip: 
To Yellowstone and watching the forest fires at night. The firefighters let in burn to kill some beetles and burn up dead trees.

Our “dream” motorhome trip: 
Once around the U.S.A.

Our perfect day of motorhome travel:
Warm day and nice RV park and friendly RVs around us

Our worst motorhoming experience:
Blowing a water hose on I-35 near Emporia, Kan.

Our motorhoming pet peeve:
Park models

The best addition or alteration we’ve made to our motorhome: 
GPS and XM satellite radio

If we could change one thing about our motorhome, it would be:
Have a king-size bed and large motor

Something about motorhoming that we know now but did NOT know when we started:
How to plan a triip

When driving a motorhome, the most important thing to remember is:
Keep your eye on the road and everybody around you.

Our advice for other motorhome owners: 
Know your motorhome and check everything before you leave on a trip, and know your maintenance procedures.

Our hobbies:
Ray: drag racing and classic cars. Judy: antiques and travel.

Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden

A celebrity we admire: John Wayne

Something others would be surprised to know about us:  
I used to run TV stations and sales departments.

If we were awarded a shopping spree at the store of our choice, the store we’d choose is: 
Wal-Mart or Camping World

Favorite campground: All RV-only campgrounds

When motorhomers visit our state or hometown, they should be sure to see: 
Greensburg in southwest Kansas and see the progress of rebuilding to a green operating town

Our advice to new motorhomers: 
Travel and know your motorhome.

Behind our motorhome, we tow:
A 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Pets that travel with us:
Rocky, a Basenji mix, and Cricket the cat

A technical or travel tip we’d like to share with other motorhome owners:
When filling your fuel tank, if you have two inlets, open both. That way, you can fill your tank to the top and watch the other tank opening so you don't spill fuel.

We joined FMCA because:   
To get info about motorhoming, tech service at rallies, and savings at RV parks

FMCA chapters we belong to:
We're in the process of joining Midwest Prairie Schooners and Covered Wagons chapters.

Other FMCA members may contact use via e-mail: when motorhoming, or when at home


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