The youthful arm of FMCA is composed of four age groups: Teen-Age Travelers, or TATS (ages 13 to 18), PRE-TEENS (ages 10 to 12), TWEENS (ages 6 to 9), and TOTS (ages 2 to 5). Youth centers are set up according to age groups at summer conventions (now called "Family Reunions"). 

The FMCA Youth Activities Committee plans and schedules age-specific activities during the summer Family Reunions, and the children pack hours of fun into their four-day reunions. Bowling, miniature golf, roller skating, and pizza and ice cream parties are the mainstays of the program, while the committee seeks out additional activities that are interesting, fun, affordable, and challenging.

On the educational side, the children have toured museums and science centers, as well as businesses that manufacture everything from school buses to toothbrushes. The TATS enjoy karaoke and dancing to all types of popular music in the TATS Center on the convention grounds.

The Youth Activities Program is open to all children in the above age groups who attend FMCA summer conventions with their parents, grandparents, or guardians.

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