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Verizon News Update: Disappointing news about our newest benefit

06/21/2017 5:00pm EST

Hello Members,

We thought today was going to be a day of celebration. As you’ll read in the July of Family Motor Coaching magazine, our expectation was that we would be opening the doors to the latest and greatest member benefit – unlimited, on-the-go internet access at a great price for all FMCA members.

Unfortunately, despite months of negotiations, approvals and green lights, the provider (Verizon) pulled the plug at the last second. Magazines had been printed, pre-announcements tested, and the staff was standing by for the flood of enrollments.

For more background on how this situation unfolded, see the post here.

We are very sad. And disappointed. We were so excited to bring you this program because we know how important staying in touch – with reliable access – is while you’re on the road.

Please don’t give up on us. After the unexpected cancellation by Verizon, we’re dusting ourselves off and getting back in the ring. We promise to keep working to bring you benefits of value and quality – the kind of service you expect from your RV family.

Thanks for understanding. And keep having fun – because that’s what FMCA is all about!

Charlie Adcock

If you joined FMCA just for the Verizon Unlimited Plan, Please Read This!

Dear Members,

Welcome to the FMCA family!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t write to a new member before we’ve even processed your enrollment, but this has been an unusual week around FMCA.

Last week we launched what we believed was going to be an awesome new benefit exclusively for FMCA members.  After all, our members are on-the-go motorhome owners and want to stay in touch while they travel! We’ve even heard that some people signed up for membership just to gain access to the Verizon unlimited on-the-go internet service.

But then, despite months of negotiations and approvals, Verizon unexpectedly pulled the plug.

If the Verizon benefit was your only reason for joining and you want to cancel your membership, just email and we’ll take care of it.  

But before you go ...

... Consider staying on as a member.  Our president always ends his letters with “It’s all about having fun” and that’s the truth!  FMCA members enjoy lots of great benefits designed especially for motorhome owners, but it’s more than that – it’s about being part of the best community of RVers you’ll ever find.

And speaking of benefits – FMCA membership includes a best-in-class travel assistance service, money saving deals on tires, great member-only content, and many more deals, discounts and services for motorhome owners.


Thanks for your consideration.  Remember – It’s all about having fun!


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