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FMCA\'s Reigning Rex motorhome chapter

This Northwest Area chapter is fun and friendly, and welcomes owners of any brand of coach.

Chapter Spotlight
May 2011
By Peggy Jordan, F401999
Associate Editor

Luxurious motorhomes by Rexhall Industries Inc. spurred the creation of four FMCA chapters, each with a common interest in owning these coaches. The company is currently undergoing financial restructuring, but that hasn't stopped chapter members from enjoying RVing together.

One of these groups, the Reigning Rex chapter, was started in 2001 for owners of Rexhall motorhomes who live in the Northwest Area. Ten years later, the chapter is keeping up with the times by welcoming all FMCA members regardless of the brand of coach they own. Chapter president Mike Schneider explained that they changed member qualifications because, "We needed some more members; plus, some members had bought different coaches, and we didn’t want to lose the friendship."

Friendship is what ties FMCA members together, and you will find plenty in Reigning Rex. Mike looks on the bright side of having 15 member families. "Because we’re small, there’s no politics when we have meetings — everybody gets to say something. We have a good time."

The beautiful Northwest gives this group plenty of options for rally locations. "We just had a rally in Prosser, Washington, and went to the balloon festival," Mike said. "We took a tour of a wine factory; there are a lot of wineries over there," he added. Those who preferred another type of beverage toured a couple of breweries in the area.

All of the chapter's rallies are in Washington this year. The May 2011 rally is at Crescent Bar Resort in Quincy; in June, Lake Mayfield Marina and Resort in Mossyrock is the location. July and August rallies are at RV resorts in Silver Lake and Silver Creek, respectively.

Rally hosts determine the menu; many times, the first night is a potluck. "The second night we might go out. The people hosting might cook dinner or breakfast," Mike said. In addition to any activities or tours they may find in the rally's area, Reigning Rex members play games such as card bingo, Mexican Train, Pegs and Jokers, and Sticks.

Chapter members also like to volunteer together when FMCA holds Family Reunions in Redmond, Oregon. And each year at the Northwest Area Rally they pitch in to help serve dinner or breakfast, or sell 50-50 raffle tickets.

Anyone interested in learning more about the group is invited to attend a chapter rally to get to know the members. "We are open to having people come and meet us before they join the club to be sure they fit," Mike said. Dues are only $10 per year, and the chapter has a newsletter.

For more information, contact the Chapter Services Department at (513) 474-3622 or (800) 543-3622; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..