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Motorhome Basics | FMCA

The Class C motorhome is generally smaller and costs less than Type A motorhomes. This type of motorhome is built on a commercial truck chassis. Most Class C motorhomes will have overhead sleeping quarters or an entertainment center above the driving compartment of the motorhome.

A typical Class C motorhome ranges from 20 to 32 feet long and 9 to 10 feet high. A Class C motorhome has a custom motorhome body mounted on a conventional vehicle chassis.

Most Class C motorhomes, with ample living space, decent bathroom dimensions and sufficient sleeping quarters, can accommodate four people and two children. In addition to the motorhome’s cab-over bed, the dinette in a Class C motorhome often turns into a bed, and a queen-size bed may be in the rear.

The Class C motorhome, depending on weight capacities and storage space, can be lived in or enjoyed on extended motorhome trips.

Class C motorhome price range: $48,000 to $139,000.

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