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Motorhome Basics | FMCA

These basic motorhome parkng signals include instructions for the driver and for the parking team, and six diagrams  to help motorhome travelers park safely. The suggested instructions and diagrams can apply to parking at FMCA conventions, area rallies, campgrounds and other locations.

Basic Parking Signals (PDF) — printable version to keep in your RV for handy reference

Parking at a convention or rally can be a tricky undertaking with the number of families attending these popular events.The basic parking signals below are being furnished to assist you in arriving at your final parking space in a safe manner. Instructions listed below are for drivers, as well as for the parking team directing you to your parking location. It is hoped these uniform signals will allow for confusion-free parking at our events. Safe and happy traveling!

For the driver

These signals are usually given from the left rear of your coach. Never move the coach unless the parker is in plain view. When the parker needs to leave the preferred high-visibility left side of the coach to determine whether the other side is clearing, the STOP signal will be given. If at any time you do not understand the hand signal or additional directions are needed, wave your hand out the driver’s window and signal the parker to approach for conversation.

For the parking team

The parker giving directions to the driver must possess a very good understanding of the degree of maneuverability of the coach and visualize an imaginary path of the rear wheels that lead to the desired parking spot without hitting anything. Be wary of low-hanging limbs, overhead wires, utility connections, and sharp corners on walkways or patios. Always be in the field of vision afforded by the driver’s left side mirror that will permit observation of the rear of the coach. If you need to leave the high visibility left side of the coach, give the STOP signal to the driver.

Motorhome Parking Signals
Basic RV parking signals
Motorhome parking signals - slowly, straight back
Motorhome parking signals - distance, stop



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