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Problems with leveling jacks and slideouts prompted the most calls to Coach-Net’s RV emergency roadside assistance in 2008.

Coach-Net provides a 24-hour, on-call staff of RV master certified technicians to help RVers, either with over-the-phone instruction or by arranging assistance from authorized mobile mechanics and RV service centers.

The company has compiled a Top 10 RV Fixes list, which covers motor coach- and towable-related components.

“We are releasing this list to give RV owners a heads-up about the kind of things that RVers have found most troublesome or annoying, so they can pay extra attention to these areas,” said Patrick Cipres, RV technical service manager for Coach-Net.

Retraction problems

Leveling jacks or slideouts usually lead the top 10 list, Cipres said. “Leveling jack concerns range from basic operation and power requirements to troubleshooting failures. The most common call on leveling jacks is retraction failure.”

Retraction failure is also the main problem people run into with slideouts, Cipres said. Coach-Net also fields a number of basic operational questions concerning slideouts, including power requirements.

No. 3 on the list: electrical 110-volt concerns, such as shore power connections, appliance power requirements and basic troubleshooting.

The list

Here is the complete list:

1. Leveling jacks
2. Slide room
3. Electrical, 110-volt
4. Batteries
5. Electrical 12-volt
6. Plumbing — fresh water
7. Water heater
8. Exterior accessories
9. Generator
10. Furnace

Common issues with these components included knowing what appliances require 12-volt power; filling the fresh water tank and city water connection requirements; purging and filling the hot water heater; starting the generator; basic operation and power requirements for the furnace; re-attaching awnings undone by high winds while driving.

Chassis concerns

Coach-Net has also compiled a top 10 list of chassis concerns, led by various engine problems including odd noises, maintenance needs, low power concerns, fluid leaks, turbo charger issues, and a vast range of minor and major failures.

Calls about the remaining components often involved operational failures, maintenance questions, fluid leaks, and basic requirements and concerns.

The list of chassis concerns:

1. Engine/exhaust
2. Brake systems
3. Chassis electrical
4. Wheels-tires
5. Transmission
6. Cooling system
7. Fuel system
8. Suspension
9. Gauges
10. Axle

“RVing is a lot of fun, but there are also a lot of operational systems involved,” Cipres said. “These lists offer priorities to focus on in terms of maintenance and education to ensure trouble-free operation.”

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