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It appears that LD 114 (HP 98), the Maine bill that would prohibit overnight RV parking in commerical lots, won't make it out of a House committee.

The Health and Human Services Committee today approved a motion to accept a Majority Ought Not to Pass Report.

The report a bill receives is often the most important factor on its passage or defeat.

The "ought not to pass" report was not unanimous, so a legislator may move, at the appropriate time during floor debate, to substitute the bill for the report. A majority vote is required, however, for the motion to proceed. And such a motion is usually made only when neither report of a divided report has been accepted.

LD 114 was referrred to the Health and Human Services Commitee on May 5. News of the bill spread quckily on the Internet, and RV enthusiasts began contacting Maine legislators and tourism officials to express their opinions.

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