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The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has modified its licensing and testing procedures for motorhome owners who want to obtain a noncommercial Class B license. This license is required of drivers whose motorhomes weigh more than 26,000 pounds.

The skills tests for motorhomes no longer include parallel parking or backing up to an alley dock, as mandated by the previous tests. In addition, at least 20 items were removed from the pretrip inspection for recreation vehicles.

The changes took effect November 9, 2007, and the revised RV testing began December 3.

Those who successfully complete testing for a noncommercial Class B license will receive a license containing the “J” restriction, denoting “Class B RV authorized only.”

Testing Procedures

Marylanders who currently hold a valid noncommercial or commercial Class C license and want to operate a motorhome that weighs 26,001 pounds or more are required to obtain a noncommercial Class B learner’s permit.

To obtain the learner’s permit, the applicant must take and pass a knowledge test consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions. A passing score of 85 percent is required.

The applicant must have the learner’s permit for at least two weeks before taking the skills tests. Passing a vision test also is required.

An appointment must be scheduled to take the skills tests. The skills tests consist of three components: a pretrip inspection, skills maneuvers, and a public road test. These tests have been modified for the issuance of the motorhome restriction.

For more information, contact the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration at (800) 950-1682;

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