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Florida’s higher-end RV resorts have just about everything a full-time RV enthusiast could desire.

What they don’t typically have, however, are garages where active retirees can pursue their hobbies or store their RVs, boats and other adult toys.

Developer Jim Eyster plans to fill that void by selling “condo garages” to RVers who purchase sites at Chassa Oaks RV Resort in Homosassa.

The garage condos will be situated on the lot next door to the resort.

Owners can use the garage condos to store their vehicles or as a place to pursue woodworking and other hobbies.

“It’s perfect for me,” said Weldon, who recently purchased a garage condo to accompany his RV site.

Weldon, a retired government employee, said he builds canoes for a hobby and needs a place for his woodshop. “I’m not one to sit around the pool or be sitting by my RV. But the garage condos are perfect for people who want to stay active.”

Greg Smith has a similar perspective. He and his wife, Sandy, also purchased a garage condo to accompany her site at Chassa Oaks. “We’re in our early 50s and we’re not slowing down,” Greg Smith said, adding that he needs a place to work on his motorcycles and to build a car.

“We’re going full-time (RVing), and the garage condo gives me a workshop as well as a place to store some of our more personal items we don’t want to part with,” he said.

Chassa Oaks currently has 39 RV sites, about half of which have been sold, Eyster said. He plans to start building the second phase of the resort in early 2011. The park eventually will have 150 sites.

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