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Norcold has expanded a recall that involved the installation of a thermal switch kit on the cooling units of certain gas absorption refrigerators. Models affected are 1200AC, 1200ACIM, 1200LR, 1200LR, 1200LRIM, and 1201LRIM refrigerators with cooling unit serial numbers ranging from 700000 to 13085759. These refrigerators were installed as original equipment in vehicle model years 1997 to 2010.

The recalled refrigerators contain either a sensing algorithm or a thermal switch to shut off power to the refrigerator when high temperatures are detected. Norcold has decided the response times of the sensor algorithm and thermal switch devices to stop power are not sufficient.

An insufficient response time could result in power not being shut off in sufficient time to prevent a fire.

The remedy is to affix a thermocouple with a faster response time to all refrigerators with a sensing algorithm or a thermal switch.

This recall supersedes earlier Nordold recall campaigns 02E-045, 08E-030, 09E-026 and 09E-027.

For more information, contact Norcold at (800) 767-9101.


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