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If you have pets in your motorhome, you realize how much they can enhance the motorhome lifestyle. With a little preparation and a few precautions, pets and motorhoming can be a rewarding combination. In fact, pets can enjoy the motorhome trips as much as you do. Here are a few tips to help ensure happy motorhoming for all.

Take a few trial jaunts in the motorhome

Before that first motorhome journey, let your motorhoming pet get its bearings inside the parked motorhome. Move some of its favorite toys inside the motorhome so it can establish its "domain." Nothing says "home" like having your dinner served in the motorhome, so by all means, feed Fido his evening meal a few times prior to your maiden voyage in the motorhome.

When the motorhome is parked, turn on the motorhome water pump, motorhome generator and motorhome air conditioning and let the pet familiarize itself with the sounds inside the motorhome. Then drive the motorhome around the neighborhood to acclimate the pet to motorhome noises and motorhome motions specific to a motor coach. Even better, consider going on an overnight motorhome excursion prior to embarking on an extended motorhome vacation.

Keep your pet safe in the motorhome

Many veterinarians recommend using a pet carrier when the motorhome is in motion. The motorhome pet carrier in the motorhome can become your pet's most comfortable area in the motorhome – a place all its own.

You may decide to restrain your pet with a pet harness in the motorhome interior. These work similar to seat belts for humans, and are available from pet supply retailers.
If you allow your pet to roam free inside the motorhome, always make sure that medicines, exposed wires, cleaning products and other chewing temptations are out of reach. To limit your pet's wandering around the motorhome, consider using a standard pet gate.

Are your pet's shots up-to-date?

Before traveling far in the motorhome, make sure your dog's or cat's vaccinations are current. Always carry your pet's health and rabies certificates with you in your motorhome.
For information about motorhoming with pets in Mexico or Canada, contact the appropriate embassy or customs office.

Always keep a first-aid kit in the motorhome, too. Your veterinarian may recommend which pet first-aid items to carry in your motorhome. Check with your veterinarian for other suggested items to carry during your motorhome travels.

With love and reassurance, your pet is sure to be a happy motorhome traveler who eagerly awaits that next motorhoming adventure.

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